Shenzhen primary and middle school students winter vacation extended!Shenzhen health commission “naughty” again, the public message is also naughty

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Shenzhen primary and middle school students delayed returning to school, winter vacation extended!Students were originally scheduled to return to school on February 13th, but now they have to return to school on February 21st. The winter vacation has been extended by several days!Surely many primary and secondary school students in Shenzhen will wake up laughing tonight.”The return time of primary and secondary school students (kindergartens) in the city has been postponed to February 21, 2022. All students are required to carry out self-health monitoring for 14 days and return to school with 48-hour negative nucleic acid test certificate before returning to school.Schools should strengthen monitoring of students’ health.”Shenzhen Health Commission public account to see this news is in the Shenzhen Health Commission public account, this is very popular recently, with humorous style and classic words circle countless fans of the public account, in the release of this news continues the consistent style, you might as well take a look at the shenzhen Health Commission public account cover (above) :On the whole, the kids were happy, the parents were devastated, and the teachers, guess what.Let’s take a look at the comments of shenzhen citizens after the shenzhen Health Commission released the news.There’s nothing wrong with starting school after watching the Winter Olympics, NEWMAN said.Netizen xiao Zhou: responsible practice!Children are safer when adults are safe!After more than two years of extraordinary times, we have accepted the suspension and postponement of classes with equanimity.IVAN: A college student says he wants to go back to school earlier. If my family sees me for a long time, I don’t like it. I can go back home more often, but don’t stay long.VIVI: As the parent of a god beast, my mother is going crazy. She is staring at him all day long. Before, she could put up with anything, but when she sees him on vacation, she feels impatient.[mad][mad] netizen Li Min: just now also encouraged each other with the family, the school is good, turn a head to see the school postponed [tears] netizen a flower: I am on the way back to the deep received delayed school news, beg for the shadow area of my heart at the moment.Can this message be visible only to parents?The child finally began to catch up on his homework.Nothing wrong with starting school after the Winter Olympics.Net friend li Li: before school began chicken fly dog jump, after school home and everything.IPE: Oh my God!I’m gonna be yelling at home for two more weeks.[Yi fang] netizen Bin Bin rational: sugar cane finished with what dozen?Postponing the start of school for a week is really difficult for those who are serious about money and those who have no old people and children.[Facepalm] citizen netizen message.For these two days desperately catch homework baby, delayed school is a major “good”.Net friend eats cat’s fish: the kid next door has time to write homework.[smile] Net friend Xiaoqing: catch homework baby jubilant, on the way off work I burst into tears.[Tears] MAN: A week later, amnesty, winter vacation homework amnesty.(Don’t you have to hand in your homework?)As for whether to take online classes, it is obviously not possible to take online classes these days.Net friend bell: delay start school is no way, but must not get online class, to pupil’s eye is not good.The teacher more than a few days holiday, the teachers are not secretly laughing out of the sound?Indeed as expected.[and] the net friend tang sugar: when the teacher hasn’t Eva I laugh out of the pig is called [and] but, in fact, the teacher is not only a teacher, is also god beast of parents, their mood is not you think it is, the net friend your expensive: as a teacher and I will continue to take many roar of Eva at home two weeks, [and] really want to bring to his teacher.[Facepalm] citizen netizen message.Yesterday, I made a special trip to the school, packed up some teaching supplies, went to the classroom to check whether the computer was repaired, and made some simple preparations for the beginning of the school year.Today’s notice came, delayed start time, extra days off.But as the teacher in charge of the hand, the heart is also clear, adding a few days of vacation will also increase a lot of things, the child’s school has begun to collect students’ health information.In order to let the children safely return to school, the head teacher has a lot of things to do, should do, this is the responsibility.This special period, the delayed class, the performance of the public has been quite calm.So hopefully everything will be ok and the kids will go back to school.As a teacher, I don’t want to delay the class too late, because there are gods in my family.And the teacher may be other people’s children education convincing oral, but education of their own children, may also be filled with smoke.If you’re being honest, it can be a real headache if you don’t have someone to monitor your kids because of the late return to school and the work parents have to do.The most important thing is not to let the children hold the mobile phone indulged in games, more exercise, more reading, planning new class preview.At this time, the children with strong self-management skills have an advantage.