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In February this year, The State Council officially approved the construction of a park City demonstration zone in Chengdu to practice the new development concept.There is no doubt that the word “park City” is an important force affecting the urban pattern of Chengdu in the future.So, “Park City” leads the change of the city, where will chengdu’s next explosive plate be?Chengdu has different development stages and has different logic of urban pattern evolution.From the southbound Renmin South Road to the first ring road, the second ring Road and the third ring Road…”Traffic orientation” was a typical urban evolution pattern in early Chengdu.Under the background of “revitalizing the city by industry”, the rise of the Financial city dominated by science and technology, the Xinchuan Science park dominated by new economy, and the Tianfu Headquarters business District dominated by headquarters economy are inseparable from the support and promotion of high-quality industries.Then, where is the wind vane leading the “urban change” while standing at the draught of “Park City” construction?The core value of park city is the integration of ecological value, economic development, comfortable life and efficient governance.Therefore, the “production-city lake”, which emphasizes the closed-loop development of human-city environment and industry, is undoubtedly one of the “optimal solutions”.The facts have been proved.In the south of the international city, the rise of science city, as a representative of the city lake xinglong contributed.Xinglong Lake, with a water area of more than 5,000 mu, is located in the “heart” of the science City, surrounded by unicorn Island, Luxi Wisdom Valley, supercomputing Center, 5G, artificial intelligence and other science and technology innovation industries, as well as more than 80 key digital economy enterprises, more than 50 RESEARCH and development institutions, and more than 9,800 new economy enterprises.Driven by Xinglong Lake, Science City has become a hot real estate development plate in Chengdu. In the past three years, the actual floor price of 16 residential plots has all broken 10,000 yuan, with the highest floor price reaching 17,299 yuan /㎡.In the east of the world city, Dongan New City rose to fame thanks to the super engine Dongan Lake.With the help of the East wind of the Universiade and the sports industry, a new city with the new concept of “ecology, industry, commerce and human settlement” has been built around Dongan Lake.There are not only the “One Venue and three Pavilions” with a total construction area of 320,000 square meters allocated by China Resources, but also 18 key projects such as OCT City Green Core and China Exchange Longquanyi Baihe Comprehensive development project.In the past year, the average recorded price of commercial housing in Dongan New City has been hovering around 20,000 yuan/square meters, becoming the favored area of the east of the city.What is worth thinking about is, in the west of humanistic City, where does the wind vane leading the “urban change” point?The Outline of Construction Planning of Chengdu-Chongqing Shuangcheng Economic Circle clearly puts forward that the chengdu-Chongqing Shuangcheng Economic Circle should be built into an important economic center with national influence, a scientific and technological innovation center, a new highland of reform and opening up, and a livable place with high quality of life.The word “science and innovation” points out the direction.According to the 15th Party Congress of Pidu District, in the next five years, the district will closely follow the positioning of “scientific and technological innovation highland and splendid Pidu”, anchor the overall layout of “one heart, two corridors and three zones”, promote transformation and development with high quality, and create a beautiful life with high level.”One Heart” is The KEChuang New Town, with Jingrong Town as the core, next to North And South Avenue of Pidu District, next to Wangcongzhong Road in the north, next to Wenjiang District in the south and Dujiangyan City in the west. The planned total area is about 106 square kilometers, divided into urban and rural two zones.(Photo source: Pidu District People’s Government portal) The status of science and innovation Heights and future new center of the city are confirmed together, providing a clear development direction and strong development power for the science and innovation City.And traction of the new city of science and technology rise of the super engine, is sitting in the core area of the production of city lake – Jing Rong Lake.Three major development engines are put in place at curves of KEChuang New City. Various signals indicate that The KEChuang New City is in full shape with Jingrong Lake as the driver.In January this year, kEChuang New Town officially invited the global public to solicit the overall planning and urban design scheme.In the same month, groundbreaking ceremonies were held for nine major projects of KEChuang New Town, with a total investment of 3.8 billion yuan.On February 8, the WORKING Committee of THE COMMUNIST Party of Chengdu’s Pidu District and the management Committee of Chengdu’s Pidu District are officially unveiled.According to the idea of “one year to form the foundation, two years to form, three years to form the trend”, an industrial park city demonstration area will be built, which is positioned as a new center of the city in the future and integrates harmoniously with “people in the city and industry”.1. Given this brand of “Kechuang”, Kechuang New City has a solid industrial foundation, with electronic information industry being its biggest INDUSTRIAL IP.As the important base of chengdu sprint trillion-dollar industry cluster target, electronic information industry in chengdu area is located in kechuang town, as “China’s new silicon valley, the international garden city”, the annual production plan of 66 industrial function areas in chengdu comfortably the first, the current chengdu research institute, Beijing Oriental, foxconn, huawei in lenovo, photoelectric, etc have been entered.In the future, the new city will also focus on commercial space, electromagnetic space safety, hydrogen energy and other segments.Among them, jingronghu Kechuang Business Zone focusing on integrated circuit, new display, 5G communication has gathered more than 40 projects such as Chengdu Guotun Fusion Innovation Center, Isoftcom Southwest Regional Headquarters Base, Suirui Intelligent World, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao (Chengdu) International Convention and Exhibition Center.Industry means resources, economy, policies and population, which is an inexhaustible driving force for the long-term development of a city.In the macro background of “double circle” construction of Chengdu, as an important carrier of “strong chain of circle construction”, the development momentum of science and innovation New City will increase day by day.NO.2 owns the industrial city lake already built by Jingrong Lake development “Golden Key” Science and innovation New Town, and Jingrong Lake is its largest ecological IP.In the planning and design, the urban area of KEChuang New City needs to build the framework of the new city around key ecological values such as Jingrong Lake Park, Wangcongci Park and Qingshui River Park, and promote the comprehensive development of the area with the radiation driving ability of high-quality parks.Jingrong Lake, which is highly similar to xinglong Lake-Science City and also “born” in Chancheng Lake, is the core of the construction of the new city of science and innovation, as well as the leading and sample area.From the perspective of planning and presentation, the development of the surrounding areas of Jingrong Lake has different focuses and complementary functions:The focus of jingrong Lake south bank area is on industrial functions, which has gathered many key scientific and technological enterprises and projects such as THE RESEARCH and development of 5G supporting new materials, China Cyberport Big data Industrial Base, Ruixue Precision, and sheraton Hotel, international Conference Center, art hotel, smart whole industry chain center and other business supporting facilities.Jingrong Lake north bank area ink focus is ecological and residential function, Jingrong Lake park + Clear water River ecological art park + stream and clear water river, build strong ecological background;Lakes, rivers, parks and other resources have always been excellent carriers for building high-end residential areas and circular platforms. Therefore, the first high-end residential project in the region — Habitat Intelligence City is also located here, leading the innovation and upgrading of regional living.(Photo source: Pidu District People’s Government Portal) “ecological value” is the most significant brand of Jingrong Lake.Jingrong Lake Ecological Park covers an area of about 456 mu, of which the water area of about 260 mu, closely around the “one heart, one ring, two axes, four cores, multi-point” layout.It is worth mentioning that jingrong Lake from the Red Flag channel water, and then into the clear water river, can achieve 24 hours full closure of the natural cycle.Through the construction of pure ecological in place self-purification system and rich and varied water landscape, organic connection of qingshuihe Art Ecological Park and Maker Park, covering an area of about 900 mu, and the formation of 3000 mu ecological park community, the whole area is a big park.The construction of Jingrong Lake not only greatly improves the quality of the urban environment, but also becomes a landmark to drive the development of the city.Of course, “ecological” is not the only brand for Jingrong Lake to build a park city life scene.In 2021, metro Line 6 will be opened to traffic, connecting with tram Line 2, breaking through the connectivity barrier between the region and the main city and even the Tianfu New Area, not only realizing all-round upgrading of traffic, but also bringing efficient circulation of people, resources and capital.Chengdu Shishi Shudu Middle School, Shudu Campus in Putongshu Community, K12 Essor International School and other high-quality education areas are gradually taking shape, which is another symbol of the maturity of Jingrong Lake area.At the beginning of this year, “Pidu District Jing Rong Hu International Industrial Community Development And Management Plan” with the theme of “Residence in Jing Rong Lake Damei Park City” is released: centering on two IP’s of electronic information industry function zone and “Snow Mountain reflecting Jing Rong Lake”, a demonstration area of industrial community integrating production and residence will be built here.At the same time, we release the list of business opportunities — with “quality catering, community leisure, community supporting facilities” as the main direction, focusing on “small shop economy, first shop economy, night economy, Internet celebrity economy” and introducing relevant business formats, in order to meet the diverse needs of industrial talents and community residents.In the future, an industrial park city demonstration area with multiple functions of production, research and development, residence, consumption, service and ecology will rise rapidly as well as a model of deep integration of high-quality ecological livable land and human urban production.Jingrong Lake is the ecological core and recognized value of the science and innovation New City, just as Xinglong Lake is to science City and Dongan Lake is to Dongan New City. It will also become the new urban cover of the west of the city.With Jingrong Lake as the vanguard, a new urban center is gradually coming into public view.Kechuang New Town has entered powerful development enterprises, among which residential is the backbone.”Urban needs, human settlements create”, chengdu city co-creator, is the most important identity of human settlements.With the same frequency as Chengdu for 18 years, from large-scale listed affordable rental housing, to chengdu Yongling Museum, Chengdu National Comprehensive Archives, chengdu University new campus, West China Second Hospital Jinjiang Hospital…It has always been a part of chengdu’s urban evolution.Therefore, under the background of park city construction, jingrong Lake is taken as a sample. During the development era of industrial city lake, human settlements have not been absent.It is a direct way for human settlements to participate in the construction of the new city of science and technology to create a sample of park lake residence and set the tone for regional residence.Chengdu’s “section representative” is another label of human settlement: since 2017, it has accumulated nearly 6,000 mu of soil storage, 11.5 million square meters of accumulated development projects, and more than 44 billion yuan of accumulated sales. It has laid out 18 districts (cities) and counties throughout the city, firmly sitting in the first tier of Chengdu’s housing enterprises camp;The seven product systems build high-level product power, and successively create classic projects such as Tianfu Family, Shenghe Lin Language, Donghu Changdao language, Jiulin Language, Luhulin Language, etc.At the same time, through market auction, equity cooperation and other forms, successfully entered Shanghai, Xi ‘an, Guangzhou and other cities, began from the regional deep cultivation of housing enterprises to the national housing enterprises stride forward.No matter development experience or enterprise strength, are obvious to all.(Habitat project distribution map) Therefore, habitat Smart City is expected to lead the regional living vane.The resource integrant project occupies the core position of Jingrong Lake area. On the west side, it seamlessly connects with Qingshui River Park, directly facing qingshui River, and is about 700 meters away from Jingrong Lake Park. In addition, the shang and Zhou Relics park and Wangcong Temple Park are planned, surrounded by “one lake, one river and four parks”, with high ecological value and livable property.(Actual picture of Lizhichui City) The low-density large-scale project of 100 mu covers an area of about 108 mu, with a plot ratio of only 1.5. It is composed of park level with a floor area of about 183-210㎡ and villas with a floor area of about 245-247㎡, with a purer atmosphere.The flat floor is a north-south transparent plate structure with 1 ladder and 2 households /2 stairs and 2 households, which is rare in the market, with a stronger sense of privacy and higher villa residence.Gradient design is introduced into the first-line river view building, so that more residents can directly enjoy the first-line river view resources and park landscape, and the ecological value is transformed into livable attributes;At the same time, the city skyline with orderly road mistakes is formed, which is not only highly recognizable, but also becomes a landscape of the region.The wySIWYG project is already in the quasi-existing housing stage, and the cash ability is visible to the naked eye. In the market where confidence is more important than gold, this is an important plus.There is a “future city new center” top planning in the former, there is the driving force of kechuang + city lake + development force in the west of the city in the next decade, as an industrial park city demonstration area of kechuang New city must be a highlight, Jingrong Lake area is undoubtedly a top priority.– — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — statement | diagrams of the relevant project, such as text used only as a project promotion, for reference only, not in any sense, the developers promise or offer concrete will be subject to the state of actual delivery.The living circle, transportation and supporting planning identified in this article only indicate the location relationship, not the division of administrative organs, and the implementation shall be subject to government documents.The relevant planning of KEChuang New City and Jingrong Lake shall be subject to the official website documents, and the planning renderings and other texts are for reference only.