There are 11 common acupuncture treatment methods in emergency cases

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One, syncope [treatment] Sucope to wake up.Du – Yin – Yang Ming meridians mainly.[Main point] Ditch, Zhong Chong, yongquan, Zusanli.[With points] Deficiency syndrome with qi Sea, Guan Yuan, Baihui, all moxibustion;Empirical study of Hegu and Taichong.[Operation] Acupuncture, deficiency syndrome supplement, empirical diarrhea;Deficiency syndrome can be moxibustion.Two, prostration [treatment] back Yang solid off, sujue save inverse.Ren Mai, du mai mainly.[Main point] su liao, Ditch, Neiguan.[with point] delirium with chong, yongquan;Limb cold veins micromatched guan Yuan, Baihui, God que, all moxibustion.[Operation] acupuncture, with the method of filling, and moxibustion.Three, convulsions [treatment] quench the wind to stop the shock.Du meridian and hand and foot Yangming, foot Jue Yin meridian mainly.[Main point] Baihui, Yintang, Renren, Hegu, Taichong [with points] Fever with Dazhui, Quchi;God faint with ten xuan, yongquan;Sputum sheng with Neiguan, Fenglong;Blood deficiency matches blood sea and Zusanli.[Operation] needle thorn, with diarrhea method.Four, stroke closed syndrome [treatment] calm the liver wind, clear the heart phlegm, wake up the brain.Mainly by acupuncture du meridian and well point.[Main point] Twelve Wells, ditch, Taichong, Fenglong.[match point] Jaw confinement with Xiaguan, Jiche, two hands with gu, speech with dumb door, lian Quan.[Operation] Twelve Wells point bleeding, ditch upward oblique stabbing with diarrhea, Taichong, Fenglong with diarrhea.Out of syndrome [treatment] back to Yang solid.Moxibustion is the main point of Ren Mai.[Main point] Guan Yuan, God Que.[match point] sweat more than Yin CLE-chieh, fu slip, urinary incontinence with three Yin.[Operation] Guanyuan wick moxibustion, Shenque salt moxibustion, until the limbs turn warm.Five, dysmenorrhea empirical [treatment] Dispelling cold and stasis, relieving pain.[Main point] middle pole, secondary liao, ground machine.[Acupoint] Cold pain with return moxibustion;Gas stagnation with too strong;Abdominal distention with tianshu.[Operation] needle thorn, with diarrhea method.Cold evil even moxibustion.Deficiency syndrome [treatment] regulating qi and blood, warm nourishing chong Ren.[Main point] Guan Yuan, Qi Hai, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao.[Points] Kidney qi deficiency with Shenshu and Taixi.[Operation] Acupuncture, with the method of filling, warm moxibustion.Six, visceral angina pectoris [treatment] Yang qi, blood circulation and pain.[Main point] Xinshu, Jueyinshu, Neiguan, Danzhong [with point] Qi stagnation blood stasis with Blood Sea, Jian Shu;Yang qi to take off with ditch, he Valley.[Operation] Needle acupuncture, pingbu pingxie, Beishu point oblique spine acupuncture;The remaining points are uploaded to the chest with the technique of “qi to the disease place”.Acute cholecystitis, cholelithiasis [treatment] liver-relieving gallbladder, qi pain.[Main points] Danshu, Ganshu, Riyue, Phase gate, Yanglingquan, gallbladder point.[Points] Vomiting with neiguan, Zusanli;Jaundice matched to Yang;Heat mixing pool, Dazhui.[Operation] needle thorn, with diarrhea method.Biliary ascariasis [treatment] antispasmodic gallbladder, drive ascaris pain.[Main points] Yingxiang with Sibai, Jiuwei with Sun and moon, Gallbladder, Zhongwan, Yanglingquan.[Points] Vomiting with neiguan, Zusanli.[Operation] needle thorn, with diarrhea method.Kidney colic [treatment] clear li damp-heat, drench pain.[Main point] Shenshu, Sanjiao Shu, Guan Yuan, Yin Lingquan, Sanyinjiao.[Matching point] Hematuria with Blood sea, Taichong;Humid heat redistribution weiyang, Hegu.[Operation] needle thorn, with diarrhea method.Seven, toothache [treatment] to dissipate wind, clear heat, relieve pain.[Main point] Hegu, Jiache, Xiaguan.Fenghuo toothache with waiguan and Fengchi;Yin deficiency toothache with Taixi;Stomach fire and toothache with internal chambers.[Operation] needle thorn, with diarrhea method.Eight, high fever [treatment] purge wind heat.Du Mai, Yang Ming, Twelve well points, ten Xuan points.[Main points] Dazhui, Twelve Wells, Ten Xuan, Quchi, Hegu.[Acupoint] Wind heat with thenar, waiguan with chong, Waiguan;Lung heat with less shang, Chi Ze;Gas heat sheng with the inner court, li;Heat into the camp blood with chong, neiguan.[Operation] needle thorn, with diarrhea method.Dazhui, twelve Wells, ten xuan point stab bleeding.Nine, vascular headache external headache [treatment] dispelling wind and dispersing cold, dampness and collaterals.Du and hand taiyin, foot shaoyang meridians mainly.Baihui, Sun, Fengchi, Hegu.[Points] Before headache with Yintang, migraine with Waiguan, headache with Tianzhu, pain on top of the head with Four God cong, wind-heat with quchi, wind-cold with door cupping, rheumatism with Touwei, Yinling Spring.[Operation] needle thorn, with diarrhea method.Internal injury headache 1 Hyperactivity of liver Yang [treatment] Calm the liver latent Yang, nourishing water and culvert wood.[Main point] Baihui, Fengchi, Taichong, Taixi.[Acupoint] Hypochondriac pain, mouth pain with Yanglingquan.[Operation] needle puncture, with diarrhea method.2 kidney deficiency headache [treatment] Nourishing Yin and tonifying kidney [main point] Baihui, Shenshu, Taixi, Xuanzhong.[matching points] Spermatorrhea belt with guan Yuan, Sanyinjiao;Less sleep with heart yu.[Operation] needle prick, with the method of filling.Blood deficiency headache [treatment] Qi nourishing blood, activate collaterals and relieve pain.[Main point] Baihui, Xinshu, Pishu, Zusanli.[Operation] needle prick, with the method of filling.4 phlegm turbidity headache [treatment] invigorating spleen and purging phlegm, reducing adverse pain.[Main point] Touwei, Sun, Fenglong, Yinling Spring.[Point allocation] Nakaodi with Zhongwan, palpitations with Daling.[Operation] needle puncture, with diarrhea method.5 Blood stasis headache [treatment] Promote blood stasis, qi and pain relief.Main points: A Shi Point, Hegu, Blood Sea, Sanyinjiao.[Operation] needle puncture, with diarrhea method.Ten, acute lumbar sprain [treatment] dehumidification cold, tonifying kidney qi.[Main point] Shenshu, Waiyan, Weizhong.[Points] Cold and dampness with waist Yang pass, blood stasis with ditch, kidney deficiency with mingmen, sanyinjiao.[Operation] Acupuncture, according to the actual condition, as appropriate, the application of reinforcing method or flat reinforcing and reducing, or moxibustion, or cupping.Eleven, vomiting [treatment] and stomach inverse, qi stop vomiting.[Main points] Zhongwan, Zusanli and Neiguan.[Points] Hot vomit with jinjin, yuye bloodletting;Cold vomit with Stomach Shu;Tanyin with fenglong;Food lag with beam door, Tianshu;Liver qi cross with Taichong;Spleen and stomach deficiency and cold with Spleen Shu and Stomach Shu.[Operation] Acupuncture, tonic deficiency and diarrhea, or first purge its evil to stop vomiting, and then fill its positive, cold deficiency can be added moxibustion.