Weifang public security to remind you: guard Weifang, ban burning ban, thank you!

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Banned banned fireworks began, the city’s public security organs at all levels under the leadership of the CPC municipal committee and municipal government, and the party committees and governments at all levels, the relevant units and departments communication coordination, the full implementation of mobilization deployment, the propaganda launch, banned control unit, total p, go all out to ensure that the people have a safe and peaceful New Year.Propaganda launch, active guidance.The use of a variety of ways and communication carriers, into the town and street, village, community, village, to the household, horizontal to the edge, vertical to the end, the whole area coverage, so that the ban on burning fireworks and firecrackers household.Joint prevention and control efforts and joint efforts.County, town, street and village level three linkage prevention and control, public security, emergency response, ecological environment inspection and protection, grid members, public security activists, ban volunteers extensive participation.Highlight key periods, key regions, key places, “fixed personnel, fixed post, fixed responsibility”, the whole area, all-round, full time “seamless” control.The police and the people work together to protect.The police are limited, the people are unlimited.Good urban environment, we need to protect together.During the Spring Festival, the police and the people hand in hand, department coordination, social participation, the formation of joint management, joint maintenance of public security, to create a good ban on fire and release atmosphere pattern.The city’s public security organs at all levels mobilized more than 30,000 police officers, more than 26,000 vehicles, inspected more than 6,000 villages, inspected more than 1,600 sales outlets, and organized more than 30,000 social forces.Weicheng public security reminds: any time, any place, prohibited fireworks!(Kuiwen Public Security Sub-bureau strengthened the inspection of fireworks sold in the market) (Weicheng Public Security Sub-bureau further strengthened the publicity, carried out in-depth inspection according to the specific time node of the jurisdiction, and made every effort to create a good social atmosphere of banning burning and releasing.) (Fangzi Public Security Sub-bureau went deep into the densely populated places of the jurisdiction to strengthen the publicity.The Public Security Bureau of Shouguang city took multiple measures to promote the work of fireworks and firecrackers banning and burning, so as to ensure the full coverage of the work without blind areas. Zhucheng City Public Security Bureau actively carried out fireworks and firecrackers banning and burning patrol control action, fully implemented control measures.In Changyi City, the Public Security Bureau put in place measures such as mobilization and deployment, publicity, inspection and control, and law enforcement crackdown. In Linqu County, police and residents worked together to safeguard public safety.The Binhai Public Security Sub-bureau actively promoted the implementation of the 40 goals of “zero dead Angle”, “zero sound”, “zero hidden danger” for fire safety, and “zero accident” for public safety.To ensure the area of the majority of the people have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival) under the joint efforts of weifang city fireworks ban work remarkable results, due to fireworks caused by fire accidents, injuries, burns and other accidents significantly reduced, air quality has been significantly improved.Let us continue to work hard not to store, not to sell, not to buy, not to discharge, for the protection of weifang blue sky and white clouds to contribute their own strength.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)