Fu Xiaobo to Huichuan District group ze town to carry out river patrol forest work

2022-05-14 0 By

On March 21, Fu Xiaobo, deputy secretary of The Huichuan District Party Committee, secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Huichuan District Party Committee, head of the Luo ‘an River (Huichuan section) and head of the District forest, went to Tuanze Town to patrol the river and forest.Fu demanded that xi jinping’s thought on ecological civilization be firmly implemented, the thought and action of patrolling rivers and protecting forests should be strengthened, the sacred duty of ecological civilization construction and ecological environment protection should be fully fulfilled, and gold and silver mountains should be protected with all efforts.We should conscientiously fulfill our duties and responsibilities, strengthen overall planning and coordination, and fully shoulder the important mission of implementing the river chief system. We should earnestly achieve unity of thought, work and action, strictly implement the normal river patrol system, timely investigate and crack down on direct and disorderly discharge of river sewage in accordance with the law, and ensure that the river is smooth, clean, green and beautiful.We need to fully implement the chief forest system to ensure that mountains are supervised, forests are protected, and responsibilities are held by others, so as to achieve full coverage and implementation of the chief forest system.We should carry out regular mountain patrol and forest protection, pay close attention to important points such as qingming festival, strictly control fire sources in the field, create a strong atmosphere that everyone is a forest ranger, and resolutely prevent forest fires and other safety accidents.On the same day, Fu also supervised agriculture and rural areas, epidemic prevention and control, ecological environment protection, security and stability.District market supervision administration, group ze town responsible person to participate in the forest patrol river patrol.(Issued by Huichuan) Source: Huichuan District Government network