How confused are the puppets?Some are AI actors, some are parental enemies, and some show off plastic pecs

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My family, how do you spend valentine’s Day?Sister Fan has received the flowers, very happy, but you don’t send them next time, we can’t move.Anyway, since it’s Valentine’s Day, there will be a lot of new material for the upcoming TV series. For example, the cast of Aloes Like Dust released the MV theme song.Obviously is the fairy drama, the male and female protagonists are both hoary, the feeling of abuse love deep not to come?From MV can see the two acting online, many passers-by feel Yang Zi in his comfort zone, and fans have said “we do not date”.Don’t say to start, “aloes such as crumbs” from “slip cake” stage is a storm of blood, from the net spread king sweet to Yang Zi “was forced to save”, the middle storm constantly, we eat melon masses also don’t know the inside story, just see a lively.For Cheng Yi, who got his name from “Glass,” the show is a solid pie, but not a necessity for Yang Zi, who is looking for a transition.But from the current release of material, production is good, the team is also passable, xianxia fans can continue to wait and see.In addition to “Aloes such as Dust”, there are still many works to be broadcast, some of which attract much attention, some of which are constantly teasing, and there are many strong combinations of “flow-growing flowers”.Take this opportunity to take a look at some of the period dramas to be aired in 2022, and find out what they have to offer.In 2021, my favorite idol and idol are respectively “You are my honor” and “The Same as before”, so dilieba and Ren Jialun, we are quite looking forward to the combination.They cooperate with the “early acquaintance with you” formerly known as “yu Xia Ji”, see the name, it is double 叒 yi, shark terrier.The setting of shark person is quite novel and interesting originally, but this two years similar theme already had “Madam Of Dendrobium bead” and “mirror twin city”, it is Yang Mi and Li Yifeng star respectively.The former main CP was upstaged by the deputy CP.As for the latter, the fact that even the lead actors don’t really want to advertise it speaks to the show’s bewilderment.Sister Fan wants to release this picture at the bottom of the box and cry out: What’s wrong with you, Li Schoolgrass?Back to Meet You, it has a very good cast: it is produced by Hackerton, and the creative team includes Eric Zhu, director of Long Song Journey, Chen Tongxun, stylist of Legend of Zhen Huan, Lee Hsien Chang, art director of Sweet Honey, and Novartis, special effects team of Nanyang Mianlu, among others.Unexpectedly, this drama is the first time out of the circle, not because of the leading actor’s acting and excellent post-production, but because of ren Jialun’s visible plastic fake muscles…In fact, the audience does not insist on having chest muscles. If they really want to highlight the character’s characteristics, they can exercise in advance. I don’t know who is fooling with such a fake prop.In addition, sister Fan personally feel from the current material, hot ba and national super seem to have no sense of CP, but each flower into each eye, if you can get high, I also respect.Buy certain leave hand, let’s guess, “meet with jun at the beginning” after all can be next “mirror twin Cities”?I don’t know if Menghualu will be released soon. It has had too much publicity recently, including a valentine’s Day special featuring Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao.Who’s out of it?Oh, it’s us!Rice elder sister one kneel beg to do quickly!Without saying anything else, let’s enjoy the beautiful appearance of the leading actor with sister Fan — Jianmei Xingmu, Orchid Yushu, and ancient costume handsome male representative Chen Xiao who had been crazy for “stars in his eyes”.And clearly only played three costume TV series (” Chinese Paladin Legend 1 “, “Tianlong Eight”, “Condor Heroes”), but countless people as white Moonlight “fairy sister” Liu Yifei.One of them is rarely acting in costume after marriage, and the other is returning to the TV drama battlefield after 15 years of absence. This expectation is not all of a sudden pulled full!Say again this play body, its original name “bianjing Dream Huatu”, adapted from Guan Hanqing yuan drama “Zhao Paner fengyue save the dust”, tells the story of zhao Paner, Song Yinzhang and Sun Sannang three good sisters run tea house, upgrade the business.Yes, “Dream Hualu” is an ancient female group drama, doing business is its core, love is just incidental!However, there are also many people think that three female lead a career line in the end can tell a good story, not to the last two empty.This is a test of the skills of the director and scriptwriter.Yang Yang, the director of this drama, has many high score works and is now the director and producer of China Central Television’s China Drama Production Center.Screenwriter Zhang Wei is also famous for his work in Small Joy and Grown Up, but he also wrote The much-ridiculed Sky Of Choice.But at present, rice elder sister thinks these two people still quite can place.So far “Dream Hualu” released pieces of flowers are good, comfortable tone, wearing the simple but elegant way, the overall aesthetic online.As for the specific, such as the broadcast of the rice sister and everyone to discuss it carefully!The main CP of “The Formula for Freesia” is a combination of arrogant big devil X, weak, beautiful and innocent fairy, should many people be able to GET it?Although it is a cliche, there are still many audiences, such as Sister Fan.Valentine’s day cast dropped trivia, the daily love of two people inside can be lovely, like very primary school students bickering, the feeling and the setting in the introduction seems to have a few differences.The poster of this play is similar to the poster of many plays, we don’t know who borrowed from which.The female lead’s style has also been a circle, whether pure fairy makeup ↓ or tang style flower twinkle makeup ↓ are not a style.But their acting has been controversial.Many people think yu shuxin plays everything like himself, without challenging him.As for the male lead Wang Hedi, many times because of “AI acting” reverse circle, there is a sentence to describe him: “I hate you like a wood.”Sister Fan has a word to say: Gao Leng is not facial paralysis, dust is not dull, if some actors really can not play, or to sign up for a cram school, sister Fan crowdfunded 50 fen.”Protect the heart” : she killed male hero’s “dream” opening “protect the heart” original work and “canglan formula”, “with the beginning of the gentleman acquaintance” is the same author of the article, see “nine Lu fei Xiang” this pen name, afraid of abuse friends friends can consciously avoid thunder.A: Excuse me, why are the author’s articles all rewritten?The valentine’s Day photos released by the show don’t seem to GET it all sweet, but rather look like the two are playing a game of “123 Wooden people” to see who is stiffer.According to fans, the story begins with the hero being ripped apart by the heroine…Then two people love hate entanglements several times, from mutual suspicion to hand in hand for life, the overall tone is still very “xian Xia wind”.This dual character trait has become very popular in recent years, and it seems more emotional to love and kill each other than to protect the other.Sister think zhou also play cold face witch, image is quite consistent, as long as she does not need to press the bottom of the box “facial features flying magic”, people should be able to hold.(This poster is a long story…)And Hou Minghao has many dramas to be broadcast, and his partner is also a popular flower. I don’t know if he will be the next “limited boyfriend”.Nirvana in Fire: A female adaptation?Reba these years can be called a model of work, one new play after another.In addition to ren Jialun starred “Met you”, and gong Jun co-starred “Happy Life” has been completed.According to the book of the Emperor, the drama is hailed as “nirvana in Fire”. The heroine’s life story is similar to that of Mei Changsu, who went to court under a different name after his family was destroyed.And the hero’s experience is also very bumpy, according to incomplete statistics of book powder, he jumped off cliffs twice in the book, five times vomiting blood, three times serious injury, five times faint, one blind, one muscle broken, one martial arts all waste…Good guy, Han Ye (male main actor) simply change the name of Han unlucky.The relationship between the two is strictly a delicate state, as their fathers have a grudge against their families.But that’s not so new, so I don’t know if the show will be a hit.In addition, I hope that “Happiness” will not repeat the mistakes of the previous several “XX”, smoothly broadcast it!The year 2021 has been a year of despair for antique lovers, with a series of outrageous Settings and bizarre shots, as well as a lot of ugly men.I’m begging for a pair of eyes that haven’t seen this crap.And 2022 didn’t get off to a smooth start.”The Mirror” makes the antique puppet market, which is not rich, worse. Who hasn’t brushed the joke of this play while surfing?”Yan Yu fu” is a rare scriptwriter double business online, but it is a pity that the way of clothing qingqi, actors acting pull crotch, abruptly put a good book down.Sister Rice think, we do not have too high expectations for the next stage will fight these plays, so that in case of collapse we will not be too disappointed, in case the effect is good that is a surprise.But in other words, the above several plays have actually won in the starting line, at least the leading men handsome female beauty, the appearance level of some hot eye last year’s actors, at least will not appear “fine repair fraud” such “human tragedy”!#2022 Drama to be aired #, # Ancient Idol #, # Liu Yifei #