Is Saddam Dead or not?A body double?After years the guard finally spoke out

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Saddam hussein was found guilty and hanged in 2006.The execution was filmed and broadcast to all corners of the world.Saddam was supposed to be dead, and the world would gradually forget him.However, since saddam was hanged, more and more people are spreading the word that Saddam is not dead, but somewhere in the Middle East is still fighting.Why say saddam hussein is not dead when he was hanged?In fact, Saddam did not die a major support point, mainly saddam has a double.It is said that there are many substitutes for Saddam hussein, and any one of them can pass for the real one.A lot of people would think this is nonsense.Even if there were, there wouldn’t be that many.After all, there aren’t many people in the world who look very fanciful.In fact, there is a technological problem that everyone is ignoring.With the rapid development of human science and technology, plastic surgery technology has reached the point of perfection.Experts can transform people who look completely different into two people who are barely distinguishable from the naked eye.In addition to appearance, if there is a difference in height, you can also pad foot pads and so on.Saddam to have more surrogates to protect himself.During his support, a lot of money was spent.In addition to the plastic surgery of the double, Saddam will also make each double living habits, movements, tone of voice and so on, will let them imitate the real situation.As a result, even those closest to Saddam hussein sometimes couldn’t tell which one was the real Saddam.As a result of the double problem, many people suspect that Saddam hussein is a legendary figure in Iraq.He would not have been caught so easily by American forces, much less hanged.Since then, people have believed that Saddam hussein is still alive due to the problem of the double.Is Saddam dead or not?The dead guy was a double?It wasn’t until years after Saddam’s death that one of his former prison guards spoke up.The prison guard has risen through the ranks in the years since Saddam’s death and is now at the top.Once, in his spare time, he read that Saddam hussein was not dead.So, he wrote about saddam hussein was caught and hanged in detail in a book he wrote.The book says that after saddam was captured, the U.S. military immediately put him in a secret prison.The location of Saddam’s detention has been changed to prevent his loyalists from coming to his rescue.Later, the U.S. military learned that Saddam had a double.As a result, experts were sent to Saddam hussein’s DNA identification.It was finally confirmed that it was Saddam Hussein himself.And the prison guard guarded Saddam hussein himself until he was hanged.The prison guards believe that saddam hussein in addition to DNA identification is himself, has been a secret detention, during the period and no one close to him, no one will rescue him out.Moreover, before the execution, Saddam hussein conducted another DNA test and confirmed that the person to be hanged was himself, not a body double.