Manchester United in another crisis!A dressing room mole + Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave the team again

2022-05-14 0 By

The rumours and Revelations in the united dressing room in recent seasons have been far better than they have been on the pitch, especially since the reds have dropped to sixth place and suffered two embarrassing draws in their last two matches.But their dressing room is also very unstable, according to the team’s famous neville said there was also a ghost in the dressing room to reporters, while a famous record publicly taunted Ronaldo for the united mess, he began to consider a move.Manchester United star Gary Neville has revealed that there are players in the dressing room who are constantly talking to the media about what is going on at Manchester United.This news also let many Manchester united fans direct speechless, united dressing room within the grasp of ghost after all still in the continuation of traditional, at the beginning when jose mourinho charge pogba and masha, led by some of the tartar players by letting his agent revealed some dressing room, to encourage the team locker room,Mourinho was ultimately disappointed with United after his dismissal and has yet to speak of his former club in a positive way, while United fans have not approved of him either.Also the team’s core players ronaldo in recent days by the names are written in England, Richard also pain in his programme of cristiano ronaldo, he directly said cristiano ronaldo is now completely is old, he needs to leave Manchester united this team is expected to remain its own state, and his agent, are also planning to ronaldo’s transfer again.And they had a very delicate relationship with the team hierarchy because of it, and even in the heat of the moment he took cristiano Ronaldo to task, saying he had not changed the team for the better and was ready to leave when it was a mess.Actually to cristiano ronaldo to leave Manchester united is not a day two days of rumors, first cristiano ronaldo for the team now is also very dissatisfied with some young players, especially in their own to guide them when no one is willing to listen to, and Nick’s coaching ability also let he is questioned, coupled with zidane wanted him to Paris to play,So it is not impossible for Ronaldo to leave the team.However, it is important for United to deal with the inside-out problem. It is important to maintain the unity of the dressing room, and it will only get worse in the future.As for whether ronaldo will leave the club, it will have to wait until the end of the season.