Queen Pema was not simple: the king abolished polygamy for her, her brother was husband of the princess, and her sister married a prince

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Pema is known as the Kate under the snow mountains, her beauty is a kind of Oriental style of beauty, long and narrow red eyes with just the right pointed chin, very lasting appeal, when she wore a national style clothes to attend the event, shaking hands with the emperor, her beaming smile so that the emperor could not help but shy bow.It’s not enough for a woman to abuse her beauty without learning anything, but for Pema to grow up to be the first queen of Bhutan.Like the Duchess of Cambridge, Pema studied art and economics at prestigious Universities in the UK.Art cultivated her elegant aesthetic sentiment, let her dress and makeup more atmosphere, economy cultivated her realm and vision, can stand shoulder to shoulder with celebrities.She has a gift for languages. During her study abroad, she also learned English, Hindi and other languages, so she can walk gracefully on major diplomatic occasions and communicate with distinguished guests from other countries, which can be called the image spokesman of Bhutan.At the age of 21, Pema married King Jigme Wangchuck of Bhutan, and there is a fairy tale about her popular wedding.It is said that Pema and Wangchuck met at a royal dinner when they were very young and that He fell in love with Pema when she was still a little girl and vowed to wait until she grew up.This story may be processing and beautification of the composition of art, but also revealed the two key information: oneself from the page, as a young child can and wangchuk at the same dinner, her great-grandfather is tashi governor, her mother was Sam Tang Jiazu saint, her bride usually like wangchuck of destiny;The second is that Wangchuck really loves Pema.Because of this sincere love, Wangchuck announced the abolition of polygamy on the day of his wedding, and only pema was in his eyes.Palin after marry wangchuk, also learned a good method to strengthen their marriage, she to wangchuck blow a lot of “water”, set his sister and the bhutanese royal prince four (” report “in the title), namely wangchuk father mother’s brother, in 2013, two people married smoothly, manasseh and wangchuk relationship bonding.In the third year of wangchuck’s marriage, photos of him and his first love were released, shocking many.It turned out that Wangchuck’s first love was a beautiful Chinese woman with the same beautiful red eyes, slender ears and white oval face as Pema. Perhaps Wangchuck’s taste never changed.When the story about her came to light, it also caused an uproar. It turned out that When Wangchuck fell in love with her, he did not expect that he could become king. The girl also left her home for Wangchuck and lived in Bhutan for a long time.Until Wangchuck took over the throne and began to compete for the throne, he abandoned the girl in favor of a woman with connections, namely Pema.After the exposure of these photos and stories, Pema remained calm. She thought she would be jealous or lonely because of the discord between her first girlfriend and Wangchuck. In fact, she just used her own practical actions to fight back against the outside world.Every time she appears in public, she shows her love for Wangchuck by snuggling up to her lover’s shoulder.Pema does not like to smile, but her eyes are cold, but she always reveals a firmness, as if she is telling everyone that the past is just the past, and what she has is the rest of Wangchuck’s life.Five years into their marriage, Pema and Wangchuck finally had their first son, and later their second baby, and the four of them are pictured together in the sunshine.In particular, for their 10th wedding anniversary in 2021, the royal family released a photograph showing Pema and Wangchuck holding the little prince on a high mountain in front of a gorgeous, pristine Bhutan landscape that looks as if spring has melted.Later, Pema began to pay attention to the importance of public welfare activities in politics, focusing on promoting the development of medical care in Bhutan and conducting various state exchanges. When The Duchess of Cambridge visited Bhutan, Pema and Wangchuck met them. They hit it off at first sight and had a very good conversation.The bhutanese royal princess is numerous, four she a symbiosis of the five golden flowers, the five golden flowers all have been snow moist length of a pair of phoenix eye, smile tender and pure and fresh and moving, which she had the second princess princess line south, is graduated from harvard students with excellent elite performance, legal talent, proficient in many languages, in diplomatic occasions.The rivalry between the sister-in-law and sister-in-law has never really been decided, but they are the face of the Bhutanese royal family.Without the family background, she would never have met Wangchuck. One of Wangchuck’s former girlfriends is her cousin, which shows that he values aristocratic blood.However, since becoming queen, pema has made all kinds of efforts, in front of one life level to make effective choices, are undoubtedly dependent on her years of studying abroad from the precipitation of vision and energy.In 2020, smart Pema has once again infiltrated her family’s influence into the royal family, making her marriage with her lover even more integrated and inseparable.She got her handsome royal pilot brother Dasho to fall in love with Yupuma, the fifth youngest princess in the Bhutanese royal family, and facilitated a happy marriage.At this point, not only let Pema’s marriage is more solid, but also let the five princess into the public’s most envied Bhutanese princess, all say that she is better than her sister married, married to a noble handsome pilot.Some of Bhutan’s five princesses have divorced, some have married horse-racing commoners, and some have been forced into political marriages to strengthen their families.Now Pema is the pompous presence in Bhutan’s harem, with the king’s lifelong affection (at least on the surface), two sons, and the interests of the family and the royal family intertwined.And all this beauty, or by virtue of her own work.It seems that women still need both inside and outside repair, operating marriage is a university ask!