Wei Shihao redeemed himself in the sino-Vietnam game and delivered an assist at the crucial moment

2022-05-14 0 By

The match between China’s national football team and Vietnam made many fans agonize over the Chinese New Year holiday.Because originally the fans hoped to see the National football team away beat Vietnam team, to give them during the Spring Festival.As a result, China was in a passive position at the beginning and allowed Vietnam to seize the opportunity to score a goal.This goal completely let the national football team disarray, coach Li Xiaopeng’s pre-match arrangement was disrupted at this point.So in this situation, The National football team was 2-0 down in the first half, leaving the team in a desperate situation.The national football team two goals behind let Li Xiaopeng finally remembered Wei Shihao, Wei Shihao in the second half of the substitute appearance.Li Xiaopeng let Wei Shihao substitute, let the fans feel that the National football team is likely to usher in qualitative change.After all, Wei Shihao individual combat ability is very strong, with instant change of the level of the war.Wei Shihao before playing, is also holding back to prove themselves.It is well known that the national football team and Vietnam team in the first round of the contest, the team has sent wei Shihao.As a result, Wei Shihao came on as a substitute, not only did not play the role of turning the tide, but also defensive errors were hit, resulting in the National football team lost a ball.So Wei Shihao after the game was questioned by a lot of fans, fans bluntly he should not play the first.From this point of view it is not difficult to see wei Shihao in China and Vietnam in the second leg of the game, he did want to prove his breath.Wei Shihao after playing, to the fans feeling is the courage to take the ball breakthrough, this point is stronger than Wu Lei.Wu may have been affected by his long absence for Espanyol, so he did not put in a convincing performance under the circumstances, which has disappointed many fans.Wei Shihao is in the stage after the completion of self-redemption.Wei Shihao did not choose to give up when the National football Team was 3-0 down.Wei shihao, on the other hand, held on to the last minute and sent a dangerous pass down the wing.Wei Shihao’s pass to Vietnam created chaos in the penalty area, Xu Xin is to seize the opportunity to score a goal.Xu Xin scored a goal in the game, which made him very happy.Because this goal is xu Xin national team career first goal, and Wei Shihao is in the twelve strong match sent the first foot assist.Wei Shihao redeemed himself with an assist, making many fans feel that he is too good and should start in the next 12 finals.Wei shihao’s outstanding performance against Vietnam in the round of 12 tournament not only saved some face for the national team, but also marked a major turning point in wei’s national team career.Wei Shihao is a player born in 1995, if not unexpected, he will take the lead in the next world qualifier.Hope wei Shihao can be in the top 12 after the face of the two games good performance, to become the core of the side team.Wei Shihao in this world preliminary competition is mainly to accumulate tournament experience, the next world preliminary he will have more outstanding and mature performance, help the national team in the round of twelve, thus ushered in the national team career explosion.