Costing about 80 million US dollars, two Chinese-funded hospitals in Cambodia will open next month

2022-05-15 0 By

Prime Minister Hun Sen said early on February 7 that the two chinese-assisted hospitals in Cambodia will be put into operation in March this year.According to Prime Minister Hun Sen, the two hospitals, costing about $80 million, are the Tebenkemun Cambodia-China Friendship Hospital in Tebenkemun province, which will open on March 7.The Kosmar China-Cambodia Friendship Hospital, located in Phnom Penh, will open on March 28.The prime minister pointed out that COVID-19 can take our lives and delay our work, but it cannot hinder our development process.He said that although we are hard, we work together to achieve our development.It is reported that with The assistance of China, Cambodia has recently launched a number of projects, including the trans-Mekong River Bridge from Chendong County in Kampong Cham province to Gosmar in Tebenkmon County, the Tezau National Stadium and the section of Highway 7.In early 2022, in addition to the China-assisted projects, Cambodia plans to start the construction of Highway 48 (with the assistance of South Korea).As well as the opening of road 5, five Bridges in Boromian province and seven Bridges in Kasai Province (with Japanese assistance).