Day ping main explosion!H-11-2, 3-0, China Ping double front battle Malone and Sun Yingsha meet strong enemy

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On March 13, Beijing time, WTT Singapore grand Slam tournament third match day, Japan’s main player Hayata Hina to 3-0 beat Wei Ruoxuan promotion also went out of the 11:2 disparity score, in addition, because the WTT Doha tournament has also opened, so China Ping needs a double battle, Ma Long, Sun Yingsha will also usher in a strong opponent.Over time, the game came to WTT Singapore grand slam tournament one over sixteen women’s singles final, against the two sides are respectively from the host country Singapore Wei Ruixuan Tian Xina and main force player from Japan early, in fact, as the ping of the enemy is ITO, the sincere partner, early Tian Xina strength it is very clear,And this time Hayata Hina’s progress is also very big, so this game for Hayata Hina, the odds are still relatively large.Start in the first inning, Wei Ruixuan first serve, first Tian Xina active forehand counter loop score early, serve Wei Ruixuan or are actively to fit again but be early Tian Xina counter loop score, the score soon came to a 2-0, with early Tian Xina serve consecutive scoring, the score moment came to 4-0, Wei Ruixuan disadvantage is not small, until after the subsequent Wei Ruixuan serve attack score,Only got the first point, but again serve hook two people hold Hayata Hina again score 5:1, Hayata Hina 4 points advantage.Back to the early Tian Xina serve round, first own positive overhand mistakes, but then Tian Xina early musical score, but Wei Ruixuan innings slowly found some rhythm, and even after 2 minutes and came to the 4:6, but there are some problems of receiving wheel Wei Ruixuan receiving or as early Tian Xina continuous attack, modified line score, the score to the now,Hina Hayata regained a 4-point advantage, maintaining a strong rhythm on key points, and quickly won the first set 11-4 with ease.Play from both sides of the case, on the one hand, is the early Tian Xina in rhythm control and driving wheel on the first three panels only have obvious advantages, coupled with early Tian Xina overhand stable error, rarely cause Wei Ruixuan seem to be very passive, and does have some obvious difference on the both sides strength, strength the ball on the American Wei Ruixuan basically is the comprehensive lee,So the follow-up game wei Ruixuan want to play more opportunities or from the first three boards to strengthen, and improve the quality of fighting.Came to the second inning, early Tian Xina remains strong, 3-0 opening game Wei Ruixuan, serve and Wei Ruixuan own round of attacks also failed to play advantage, quickly came to a 4-0 lead to score, the subsequent Tian Xina earlier outbreaks continue, while opponents Wei Ruixuan somewhat difficult to keep up with rhythm, the score is soon be Tian Xina open early, until then,Hina Hayata took the point and easily won the next game 11-2.The third game hayata Hina or stable play with 11-4 big score 3-0 smooth promotion.Subsequent competitions, the main countries ping Wang Chuqin met Mr. Ford is going to be a game to watch, and KuaiMan must also met the teacher elder sister of their Sun Yingsha, fan also expected, but between two people and will come together with aruna Ma Longze is to compete for slots, WTT branch series tournament in doha also began, in the ocean, Liu Dingshuo will usher in the first show,At the same time Zhang Benzhi and sister Zhang Benmei and will meet with the ping qin Yuxuan, for Qin Yuxuan is also a test.