Guangxi rural old shop, more than ten years of pure handwork, the guests can not believe when the bill

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Graphite powder, unlike ordinary rice noodles, because more than a manual using graphite to grinding process, so the taste of stone mill powder more chewy, different places have different differences, different method of pulping and steamed, will also affect the rice quality and taste, with different cooking methods and modulation method, also have their respective distinctive local characteristics,Especially yulin stone mill in Guangxi is the most famous.But now the pace of life is getting faster and faster, the machine has replaced the stone mill, so if you want to eat authentic stone mill powder, you have to go to some remote countryside.Here is a hand-made stone flour, inexpensive, has been open for more than ten years.This shop is at least dozens of kilometers from the city, although remote, but still attracted many people to come.Looking around, the storefront was not very big, but it was clean and bright.Yulin stone flour is so famous because it is handmade.In the kitchen, the boss is adding a spoonful of rice to the stone mill. The revolving stone will grind the rice, and the warm white rice milk slowly flows down the stone mill wall, and flows into the bucket through the stone mill groove. This is the “raw material” of the stone mill.The secret of yulin’s noodles being so tender and delicious lies not only in the raw materials, but also in the way they are prepared and taste natural.Although a bowl of excellent stone flour is the most basic, the status of side dishes should not be underestimated, and this can be felt most directly for diners, whether the food is good or not, whether it is fresh or not, you can know at the entrance!Pork skin, stewed egg, large intestine, char siu, tofu, sliced pork…All the side dishes are made on the same day. After ordering the dishes, they are cut into a yard bowl, then ladle a spoonful of secret marinade over the flour, sprinkle with scallions and other small ingredients, and then serve.When you eat, you need to stir the powder evenly, so that the fragrance of all kinds of ingredients can be released completely.His powder is tender and smooth, zi slip slip into the mouth, refreshing, coupled with the flavor of the seasoning, taste is not too wonderful, no appetite of the people, only need this one, will be conquered instantly.Grab a chopstick, and the rice noodles hang in sauce, rosy and inviting.In each bite, you can taste the mixture and meat flavor, refreshing and mixed with a light rice flavor, with the owner’s wife’s exclusive pickled pepper, really appetizing!His not only powder is good, the price is also very good, there are guests to come, rice noodles 3 yuan, but also added fat sausage and partition meat, meat back to a lot of, when the checkout only 24 yuan, can not believe it, the owner also sent a gravy egg, the price in the countryside is really affordable ah!