High and new branch police to prevent a timely telecommunications network fraud

2022-05-15 0 By

In recent years, telecom network fraud cases have increasingly become an important factor affecting people’s sense of security and satisfaction.Gaoxin Public Security Sub-bureau has continuously strengthened propaganda efforts to prevent telecom and network fraud around the three aspects of resolutely safeguarding political security and fully protecting people’s peace, and achieved good publicity effects.Recently, the high-tech branch of longze Road police station police took the initiative, decisive action, timely prevent a telecommunications network fraud case, effectively avoid the loss of people’s property.In January 2022, an old man came to the Police station of Longze Road of Gaoxin Branch and claimed that someone contacted him through wechat in the name of a professional staff member of the institution, trying to get the old man to transfer more than 4,000 yuan to apply for his doctor’s license.Because the police station police in the vegetable market before the old man had done telecom fraud propaganda work, so the old man hesitated, so the old man thought of the transfer to the public security organs before consulting.Police station police immediately realized that the old man is likely to be cheated, after careful inquiry, the old man said it do Chinese medicine physical therapy work, recently got a call in the home boasts professional deal with doctor’s license telephone, the other party say want to deal with the doctor’s license, shall according to the requirements of each customer service to provide the relevant information such as account number and the verification code for remittance operation.To confirm its authenticity, civilian police, according to the old man to provide limited information, through various channels, and finally the query to the customer service of the unit and no legal operation qualification, the whole process is against the old man’s telecommunications fraud, civilian police patience will query to tell the truth of the old man, the old man completely dismissed the idea of the remittance,And again to the aunt to promote the kinds of telecom fraud, means and prevention methods, remind its to strengthen their awareness of prevention, suggest that it does not put the large amount of money in the “wechat change”, there is any problem in the future to the area of the public security organs report to the police reflect the situation, do not listen to not believe not to transfer!At the time of parting, the old woman held the hand of the police station and thanked the police for their warm-hearted help and patient explanation, which helped her successfully avoid property losses.