Is monkey boy a savage or an ape?Why do six major mutations occur?Always a mystery!

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The world is big and there are many things.Maybe we just read about wildlings on the Internet, but we never really knew about them.In fact, as early as 1986, someone unexpectedly found savage, the place is in Hubei Shennongjia, at that time this savage has been more than 30 years old, his mother is still in, then why will be called savage?Where did it come from?As soon as the news broke, it caused a lot of people to talk and guess.At that time this kind of thing sensation is relatively big, because people have never heard of the existence of savage, so Hubei Shennongjia will be published in newspapers and magazines, television stations have done promotion and propaganda, not only caused the attention of the masses, but also caused experts to come to study.Experts call this wild man the Three Gorges monkey baby.He has his own name, zeng Fansen, once lived in Changyang County, Hubei Province.Although Zeng’s mother is still alive, she has never told anyone about his birth.The villagers said that Zeng Fansen’s mother was carried away by a green monkey when she was delivering food to her husband. She stayed with the monkey for more than 20 days and gave birth to the so-called “monkey baby” when she came back.So, monkey boy is still a wild man.In fact, even longer ago, there are legends about monkey baby, similar to this three Gorges monkey baby experience, is a living wild man, he lived for about 23 years, usually can only speak some simple words, can not communicate with people.Experts say the new species is a hybrid savage because it is descended from an ape, but has a human lineage that can control human behavior but does not act like a real person.The existence of such a living savage has aroused many netizens’ doubts. Some people say it is impossible and think it is just a myth and rumor. Some experts want to study it and conduct in-depth research on it after the death of the monkey baby.First, the expert came to Zeng Fansen’s home, where he had lived, and was received by his second brother.His second brother once said that Zeng Fansen did not seem to be making any progress in intelligence, but he was much bigger than other children of his age, could not speak properly, did not like to wear clothes, always walked naked, and cried like a dog barking, so his mother called him “dog son”.He could hardly take care of himself in life. He could only crawl and eat like a monkey.Later, after his mother died of illness, it fell to his younger brother to take care of Zeng, and Zeng fanming accompanied him until the end of his life.He said the baby died of diarrhea due to stomach problems, possibly because she could not get used to human food.All about Zeng Fansen can only listen to the villagers said, experts feel that the example is not enough, but also need to further zeng Fansen’s tomb to open the coffin to test the genetic sequence.The zeng brothers agreed and led the experts to zeng fansen’s tomb.His tomb actually has good feng shui, surrounded by beautiful scenery, it can be seen that the Zeng brothers did not treat him differently because of his differences, until the end of his life.The exhumation went well, and experts took some of his remains and bones back for testing, and finally relocated the tomb.After returning to the institute, experts immediately carried out tests.Six major variations were found that were once abundant.The first is the same intelligence development as apes, brain capacity is relatively small, not half of the size of normal people.The second is like our early apes, with a thick eyebrow arch, similar to Peking man.The third is occipital plane hypoplasia.Fourth, teeth are different from human teeth, similar to apes.The fifth clavicle was larger than average, and the pelvis was female.Number six is cranial hypocephaly.Although he was able to find the characteristics of these mutations, experts could not prove that he was an ape man, because his mother and father were no longer alive and genetic samples could not be obtained, so the cause of his mutation could not be found.Experts can’t say for sure whether he’s an ape-human hybrid.It can only be defined as a person suffering from “microcephaly”.Even though science and technology have been so advanced, there are still phenomena that cannot be explained by human beings. This is probably the magic of nature.