Luan Xiaoyu, a post-00s girl at Zibo Railway Station, makes her debut during the Spring Festival Travel rush

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Luan Xiaoyu, born in 2000, is an ordinary post-00s girl. This Spring Festival is a little special for her, because it will be the first Spring Festival that she can’t go home after she starts working.”G278 approaching stop at lane 6″ “G278 signal good” “G278 arrived”…This is Luan Xiaoyu’s daily work.She works in the carriage room of zibo Station, Zibo Vehicle Service Section, Jinan Bureau of China Railway, and receives and sends every passenger train that passes through Zibo station every day.”This is very different from the railway work in my imagination. In the past, when talking about railway, I could only think of the staff and conductor on the platform. After I joined the work, I found that behind the safe and punctual operation of each train, there are so many behind-the-scenes workers’ silent efforts.”More than 20 years old is the age of beauty, just joined the work xiao Yu some small trouble, mainly shift work mechanism let her a little not adapt.”In addition to going to the bathroom, I had to sit on a chair and stare at the computer screen all the time during working hours. After day shift, I had back pain in my waist, and the night shift was sleepy and uncomfortable. At the beginning, I couldn’t even stick to work.However, the physical inadaptability is only a small difficulty in her work, the most let her make a headache is not skilled in business knowledge, “just contact with the work of the time is always flustered, obviously next to the teacher to see the work of the time thinking is very clear, a hand to their own chaos, thanks to the master beside guidance.”Referring to the rules and regulations that make her headache, she said that she could not understand them at the beginning and did not have a good way to memorize them.Later, with more work experience, I gradually had my own understanding of the rigid provisions in the rules and regulations, and understood the truth among them. I still felt quite happy, and I found some fun in the boring rules and regulations.Luan did not start work until March 2021. In August, she underwent an apprenticeship test and could start working on her own in October.After less than a year on the job, she has gained a new appreciation for her work.”This is my first time to participate in the Spring Festival Travel rush, which is a big challenge.I heard from my masters that every year the Spring Festival travel rush will be very busy. My family members are also worried about whether I can finish the task. I hope I won’t have any mistakes.”In this year’s Spring Festival travel rush, she, like her teachers, will become a member of the service for passengers’ safe travel.She has to spend the Spring Festival at her post. Although she feels a little regretful that she can’t go home to accompany her parents, she thinks it is meaningful to let more people go home during the Spring Festival.The young girl, born after 2000, is so thoughtful that her first Spring Festival duty will inevitably have mood swings.Zibo car business section zibo station intimate to xiao Yu they sent a surprise: ask a professional photographer to take two beautiful photos for each, make it beautiful greeting cards, let them write New Year wishes, to parents a special letter home.Luan Xiaoyu had already written her blessing on the card printed with sassy uniforms.”I’m going to show my mom and dad how cool I look in my overalls. Their little cotton-padded jacket has grown.”Luan xiaoyu is looking forward to seeing her parents in a uniform and a big-brimmed hat.About the New Year, Xiao Yu has a few small wishes, “one is to hope that family and friends healthy;Second, I hope to work smoothly in the New Year. I hope to learn good business knowledge and not be afraid of anything abnormal.Three is to work on a higher level, as soon as possible can walk to the station duty officer post.”