These 9 adult colleges and universities have very pleasant names: National Judges college, National Prosecutors College and so on

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China’s colleges and universities are divided into three main categories: ordinary colleges and universities, adult colleges and military colleges.Ordinary colleges and universities recruit students through the national unified college entrance examination, while adult colleges and universities mainly recruit new students through the adult college entrance examination, while military colleges and universities recruit students through the entrance examination in front of the military and recommend students for the army.The focus of the domestic university, 99% is ordinary institutions of higher learning, 115 of 211 engineering colleges and universities, in addition to 3 military academy (national university of defense technology, the air force military medical university, the navy military medical university), the other is ordinary colleges and universities, adult colleges and universities for adult training, class, unlike the ordinary university school, of course some ordinary university put adult college sign at the same time,Nevertheless home at present adult college also has many to listen to the university of very cow, will introduce today.Zhongnanhai Amateur University, zhongnanhai Amateur University, is an adult university, has been merged into Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute, Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute is also zhongnanhai Amateur University, the Ministry of Education released the list of adult universities still have Zhongnanhai Amateur University.Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute is an ordinary higher education institution that trains personnel specialized in password secrecy and information security for party and government organs at all levels of the country. The institute is subordinate to a general office, which is much better than the Ministry of Education and industry and Information Technology.Beijing Institute of Electronic Science and Technology, xD and PLA Information Engineering University are the same in history, both originated from the military Commission engineering school.Civil Aviation Management Academy of China (CAAC), founded in 1982, is the only adult higher education institution directly under CAAC.In addition to academic education, CAAC Management Cadre Academy, as the party school of CAAC, training center of CAAC, and research base of civil aviation enterprise management, also undertakes the important task of training middle and senior management talents and reserve cadres of CAAC, as well as soft science research of civil aviation.That’s a great name.The Ministry of Public Security Management Cadre Academy generally refers to the Ministry of Public Security senior police academy, who is it?It is the People’s Public Security University of China.On the one hand, THE People’s Public Security University of China is an ordinary university, and at the same time undertakes the task of training senior adult police officers.The People’s Public Security University of China (adult) enrolls 500 students for legal Secretary and 500 students for Administrative Management every year national College of Judges The National College of Judges is a public institution directly under the Supreme People’s Court and a major institution for the education and training of judges in China.The College was founded in 1997, its predecessor being the National Amateur Law University for Court Officials established in 1985 and the China Senior Judges Training Center established in 1988. The College has branches in all provinces, such as Henan Branch and Guangdong Branch.The National School of Public Procurators, affiliated to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, is the highest institution of higher learning in China’s procuratorial system, a specialized institution for the cultivation of high-level and high-quality procuratorial talents, and the main channel and front for procuratorial education and training.The National College of Supervisors also has branches in all provinces.China Customs Administration Cadre Academy (CCAC), founded in 1984 in Qinhuangdao city, Hebei Province, is a college of adult education directly under the General Administration of Customs, PRC and registered with the Ministry of Education.It mainly undertakes the training of various customs cadres at all levels and professional skills, carries out theoretical and practical research on customs operations, and carries out cooperation and exchanges at home and abroad.Liaoning Public Security Judicial Administration Cadre College (Liaoning Vocational College of Politics and Law) is approved by the People’s Government of Liaoning Province and registered by the Ministry of Education of China. In September 2018, the Provincial Judge Training College and the Provincial Procurator Training College were merged into the college.At the same time, it undertakes the functions of liaoning Branch of National Judges College and Liaoning Branch of National Procurators College.There are also Hubei Wuhan Public Security Administration Cadre College, Guangzhou Public Security Administration Cadre College, Guangdong Public Security Judicial Administration Cadre College, Guangxi Political Science and Law Administration Cadre College, etc.These adult college names are more attractive, what do you think?