“Zero Drunk Driving” is created, you and I participate together!The first quarter of the province’s “zero drunk driving” creation list public

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To create a good atmosphere of consciously against drunk driving, effectively prevent and reduce traffic accident involving wine, to protect people’s lives and property security, according to the road traffic accident prevention “big reduction control requirements, hebei traffic police corps deployed in the province to carry out the” zero drunk driving “activities, will now be a quarter of 2022 the province publication” zero drunk driving “create list as follows:1, create a “zero” drunk driving unit (37) in shijiazhuang, shijiazhuang flower image art school of tangshan, hebei provincial water resources bureau: tangshan lubei district environmental health management center, thousands of qinhuangdao real estate LuHuiMin light shop: beidaihe district traffic transportation, FuNing district archives, lulong reputation through taxi company handan: handan sunshine group co., LTD. Xingtai:Hebei xingtai branch, xingtai public transportation co., LTD. The fifth branch, xingtai ja solar co., LTD., baoding: Li County passenger transportation co., LTD., yihsien north automobile service center, LaiShui road rental passenger transport co., LTD., zhuozhou TongAn enterprise management consulting co., LTD., zhangjiakou, chengde Zhang Bei power supply branch, huailai county water administration:Chengxin Hongtong Tourism Passenger Transport Service Co., LTD., Chengde Branch of China Post Group Co., LTD., Dahua Petroleum Dangerous Chemical Transport Co., LTD. Cangzhou: Botou City Court, Cangzhou Lingang Shengda Transport Team, Yanshan County No.6 Middle School, Cangzhou Transport Group Co., LTD. Qingxian Branch Langfang:The CPC pipe special trucking companies, anci district, langfang nine shun dangerous goods logistics co., LTD., the new energy co., LTD. Hengshui, hengshui fucheng county fucheng electric power supply company, its deep state hengshui city yasushiro taocheng hengshui city, the agricultural development bank of China, hengshui hengshui branch going raoyang county health bureau: bohai drilling downhole branch male Ann:Rongcheng Tianjun Dangerous Goods Transportation Co., LTD., Baoding Transportation Group Co., LTD., Rongcheng Transportation Company, Anxin County Tobacco Monopoly Administration Dingzhou: Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Administration Xinji: Municipal Procuratorate 2. Create “Zero drunk Driving” communities (villages) (37) Shijiazhuang: The Fourth Community of Nangaoying Tangshan:RongXin garden in the zone of tangshan, tangshan caofeidian area bon jia yuan, kaiping district chestnut orchard town big generation of zhuang village, qianxi map qinhuangdao: taiping village village in donghua haigang district yanshan street community, FuNing area tea stall township attack donglu village, lulong XiaoCai grave village, beidaihe, hollow village: handan area CongTai renmin road neighborhood offices looks remarkably xingtai mine:Development zone heng mountain city community, to make all area west street office operation, letters are baoding: emperor temple town huang temple village zhu chuang, field day DE, gaoyang county xingjia village of southern zhangjiakou: drum tower west community chengde: luanping county saddle maker tuen community residents’ committees, longhua county town soon LongHua community, LuanPing county mountain valley town in dongying village, longhua county make village cangzhou sea camp:Haixing county jie industrial park in the southeast area, home village, ji xian LeShou Town Hou Zhuang village, dongguang county dongguang town XueZhuang Village langfang: dacheng county north building dike, bazhou songzhuang village, yongqing tube housework HuiZu Township pool village, wenan xinglong village hengshui town Summer Palace: hengshui city taocheng hou shop village, anpingxian DaZhai Village, Wu Yi county JuanTou Township history before going oil mill village:Bohai sea road office affiliated community male Ann: industrial and commercial bank of anxin county village, small anxin ZhaoZhuang Village I: Oriental city garden xinji: zhang furusho town Zhang Mingfu village 3, create a “zero drunk driving” street (township) (9) shijiazhuang: west governance street agency qinhuangdao: haigang district hedong street agency, FuNing area grave tuo town: handan shing county township lane baoding:Gaobeidian Beicheng Street zhangjiakou: Zhangbei County steamed bread camp Langfang: Gu ‘an County Qugou Township, Dachang Hui Autonomous County Beixin West Street Hengshui: Zaoqiang County Xiao Zhang Town traffic police tips refuse drunk driving, civilized travel.The purpose of the “Zero Drunk driving” initiative is to further reduce the illegal traffic behaviors of drunk driving, improve the level of road traffic safety prevention, promote the concept of modern traffic civilization, improve the quality of civilized traffic of the whole people, and jointly and jointly govern and share the good fashion of civilized traffic.