Cloud enjoy romance!Tulips in Xuanwu Lake in Nanjing have entered their best viewing season

2022-05-16 0 By

Modern Express news (reporter Zhang Ran) Spring breeze in March, vegetation tendrils hair, cherry romance still in the branches, tulips are blooming.March 26, the modern express reporter learned from xuanwu Lake Park, this year’s lovers garden planted 32 varieties of tulips, 130,000 strains, has entered the best viewing period, let us enjoy the flowers together clouds!Magenta romantic “pure love”, pink elegant “dessert”, pale yellow dignified “gold review”……Under the warm sun of lovers garden at this time, tulips of different colors are delicate and charming, each holding a “goblet”, elegant and not make public.They are arranged in order, like soldiers waiting for inspection, bright colors and fresh green leaves, just like a thick and heavy oil painting.”This year, the garden has more tulips than last year, adding nine new varieties.Currently in bloom are Golden Review, Crystal Star, Passionate Parrot, Adrim, Pure Love, Dessert, Afko, Broken Linn, etc.”Nanjing Xuanwu Lake park management office director Rong Feixia told the modern Express reporter, the main flower appreciation area is located in the flowers avenue, visit flowers butterfly diameter, water garden, Zhong Yuqiao and other places.Don’t worry if you can’t see the scenery just yet. Tulips are in bloom until mid-April.(Photo of Xuanwu Lake Park) (Modern Express full media)