Does Yang Zi development enter bottleneck period?The new play was teased before it was released!How long can I eat an ancient doll

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The friends who follow Yang Zi will find that Yang Zi’s acting path is becoming narrower and narrower. In recent years, there are few works released. Last year, the female Psychologist, which fans have been expecting for a long time, was released with a rating of 5.1.This is obviously not very friendly to Yang Zi, many people’s impression of Yang Zi is bound by the small snow in “Home with Children”, adult is not an ancient puppet or silly white sweet role, the road is getting narrower and narrower.Although Yang Zi’s ratings in modern dramas are good, Yang Zi is not the only one. Her acting skills are among the best among the new generation of actors, and her portrayal of Silly Sweet is so vivid that many directors are reluctant to let her try other types of roles.Throughout Yang zi’s modern drama script, there is nothing new, she is not willing to accept silly sweet people’s script.Yang Zi’s focus now is to challenge more and more different roles. Only when the road is broadened will she have a bright future.Andy really give prize is her costume dramas, she in ancient accidentally market is the first echelon of actors, from the “wan” to the fragrant honey heavy grains such as cream, Andy’s costume look very attractive, she only put on the costume will own clever and display, and she accidentally set and modern drama in the play was completely different, so only good ancient script,Yang Zi will be considered first.The poster of the ancient puppet drama “Aloes like Dust” starring Yang Zi and Cheng Yi, which is expected to air as soon as this summer, has been ridiculed by many Internet users.Yang Zi’s appearance in “Aloes like Dust” was completely unexpected and not part of Yang Zi’s work schedule.The ancient puppet drama is Yang Zi’s comfort zone, even Yang Mi’s top flow has been criticized as the same style of the ancient puppet, the audience has aesthetic fatigue, Yang Zi playing the ancient puppet also face the same problem.The cast will not be in costume props up and down great efforts, not new.One day she will run out of money, and Yang zi is in urgent need of getting out of her comfort zone and finding a different type of drama to prevent her development from being limited by the ancient idol.