Hengshui city gale weather frequently hit sporadic rainfall

2022-05-16 0 By

According to the forecast of the municipal meteorological Observatory, Hengshui city will experience strong wind on March 28, and there will be weak precipitation in some areas on March 29. Besides, it will be mainly sunny to cloudy in other periods of the week, and the temperature will fluctuate slightly.Starting from The 28th, the cloud cover in Hengshui city will increase, and the wind will increase to level 4 to 5, especially during the day gusts may reach level 6 to 7.On the 29th, the weather will become overcast, and the wind will decrease to about force 4. There will be light rain or sporadic light rain during the night to the next morning.On The 30th, the gusts will increase to force 6 or 7 again, and calm will return in the afternoon and evening.At present, the state of dry weather is very obvious, but the short-term sporadic precipitation has little effect on the improvement of the drying state.The next wind is very frequent, please continue to pay attention to fire prevention work, and timely eliminate fire risks, to ensure fire safety.In windy weather, the public should do a good job of wind protection, away from billboards and other temporary structures, to prevent falling objects.Specific weather forecast is: March 28, cloudy to overcast, southerly wind level 4 ~ 5, gusts level 6 ~ 7, 18℃ to 9℃;On March 29, scattered light rain, 19℃ to 8℃;On March 30th, cloudy to clear, northeast wind level 4 ~ 5, gusts level 6 ~ 7, 15℃ to 2℃;On March 31, it was sunny and cloudy, 18℃ to 4℃;April 1, cloudy to clear, 17℃ to 4℃;April 2, sunny, cloudy, 20℃ to 6℃;April 3rd, sunny and cloudy, 21℃ to 8℃.(Reporter Wang Xiu, correspondent Gao Chunxue, Wu Yan) Source: Hengshui Evening News pays attention to Hebei News network, understand the latest news in Hebei.