Motou Town, Bo Ai County: rural greening is the climax of the battle for good living environment governance

2022-05-16 0 By

Henan Economic News reporter Yang Hongbo reporter Bi Xudong, spring is the end of the winter, it is the golden season of greening maintenance, Motou town quickly set off the spring greening climax, the full implementation of spring greening maintenance work.First, rapid deployment and political awareness.Motou town in the greening work instructions, immediately held a general meeting of branch secretaries, to the 34 administrative villages under the jurisdiction of the greening task, requiring the village branch secretaries to establish political awareness, improve political standing, firm political thinking, combined with the renovation of human settlements in motou town greening work to achieve new breakthroughs, new achievements.Second, we should carry out coordinated development and enhance our awareness of the overall situation.Motou town issued high-standard greening tasks to all villages on the basis of the improvement of living environment, and planned to plant 43,692 trees, radiating a population of 30,000 people.Motou town adopted the way of “the village unified report, seedlings quickly approach, unified arrangement of planting, timely watering maintenance”.Planting species involving poplar, big leaf privet, laurel, crabapple, magnolia and other economic, efficient, beautiful tree species.Achieve high and low collocation, color complementary, hierarchical, evergreen effect.On the basis of extensive landscaping built by Cui Zhuang in turn, flash out of loop, within the loop on the village green quality request is higher, tree stricter quality requirements, daily management requires more frequently, by the fine circle to the surrounding radiation, taking line with face and face, drive the work pattern of global security by slice grinding head town made solid progress, rapid finish on the job.Third, clear tasks and raise awareness of responsibility.According to their own situation, villages adopt outsourcing, bidding and collective planting methods to carry out tree planting work, clear responsibility for different planting subjects, to ensure that the future management and protection work does not stop, stop, do not pass the responsibility.Up to now, motou town 34 administrative villages have basically completed all the planting work, afforested more than 43,000 trees.