New Year rework: put away grievance, hide good mood, refuse internal friction

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With the Spring Festival holiday just around the corner, “post-holiday syndrome” among migrant workers has gone viral.Net users have joked: give me an annual salary of millions, what post-holiday syndrome does not heal.No holiday, “see work uncomfortable” disease has been deep in the bone marrow.”No one likes to go to work, but your attitude determines your altitude.The more negative and resistant we are, the worse our work will get. It’s easy to get trapped in a vicious cycle.”In the New Year, change your work situation, starting with changing your attitude.Learn to pack up grievances, hide good emotions, refuse internal friction, do a good job is the best healing of life.Inamori Kazuo in “Living method” said: “The workplace is the best place to cultivate the spirit, work itself is a kind of practice.”No matter what job you do, you can’t have a smooth ride.In geely’s early days, founder Li Shufu used price to break into the domestic market.Geely has become a synonym for cheap low-end, people joke: “Driving Geely car to have a not afraid of death, two not afraid of the spirit of hardship.”And because Geely has copied other cars, it has been accused of “copying”.Li Shufu was very humbled, once drunk cry: “I do not steal, two do not rob, every day from 6:30 in the morning to 11 o ‘clock at night, hard to run the enterprise, why others always laugh at me?”But instead of wallow in self-pity, he dried his eyes and embarked on a comprehensive strategic transformation, acquiring foreign carmakers and components, and finally taking Volvo under his wing, impressing everyone.You are destined to experience many setbacks in your work. You work overtime conscientiously, but your boss hates you for not working hard enough.You are honest with others, but your colleagues are making you take the blame.But the more successful a person is, the more grievances he has to swallow.A friend of mine who works in a big factory got an equity bonus at the end of last year, which made us jealous.But in fact, his first few years on the job were very difficult.The small head of the department always assigned the thankless work to another employee because he was very close to him.At the end of the year, they often leave an A for that employee.He resented what his boss was doing, but he knew this company was the best platform for him, so he did it scrupulously when he had to.There is a mushroom law of management: there is a period of inattention in the workplace where, like mushroom cultivation, you are relegated to a dark corner, doused in dung, subjected to all kinds of undeserved criticism, accusations, taking the blame for others, and without the necessary guidance and support.Everyone goes through this process at work.A weak man demands justice, a strong man takes his own wrongs.Countless wind and rain in life, learn to swallow complaints, shoulder hardships, arch a foot to advance, will usher in beautiful spring.One year, warren Buffett made a big mistake and posted the lowest revenue of his tenure as CEO.In his letter to shareholders, Mr Buffett reflected: “AT a time when the markets needed me to re-examine my investment decisions and act quickly, I was caught up in emotional turmoil.”Master all know how to restrain emotions, they understand the fermentation of emotions, is a taboo on the job.Your emotional instability is like a ticking time bomb to your boss.As far as you are concerned, dwelling on a bad mood will only reduce your work efficiency.Junichi Watanabe wrote a story in Blunt Force.There was a professor-level doctor at the hospital where he practiced. He was a good doctor, but he liked to scold his assistants: “They are too slow.””Hurry up and hold on to your tools.””Where are you looking?”.Many interns were morose when they heard they were assigned to be his assistant.Before the operation, they were nervous for fear of being scolded again.After the operation, the negative energy is overflowing, the mood is very bad.One of them, Dr. S, was different from the others. No matter how the professor criticized him, Dr. S always accepted him sincerely and concentrated on learning how to operate.After the surgery, he forgot all about the criticism, took a comfortable bath and continued to banter with his colleagues.As a result, Dr. S became one of the most advanced surgeons of his generation.Dji drone founder Wang Tao wrote two lines on his office to encourage himself: “Just take your brain, not your emotions.”Pack up the mood, in order to control the work.Instead of being a slave to your emotions, get rid of them and do your best work.Here’s a picture that illustrates mental burnout best: It’s not our ability but our ego that holds us back at work.When your boss criticizes you for not doing a good job, you dwell on what your boss says and fall into deep self-doubt.When receiving an important project, I am worried and afraid to screw it up.This is a waste of time and energy.I have seen a short film called “Let’s do it first”, which is about the sudden epidemic situation that many people are in distress.Unemployed young men are worried: can they still find a job if they quit before the epidemic?The restaurant owner is worried: three months without income, the restaurant can continue to open?If you worry all the time, you’re not helping the situation.After they briefly tangled, one after another began to act.The young man became a ride-hailing driver before finding a suitable job.Restaurant owner with all staff, selling affordable vegetables…They all made it through what they thought was the most difficult part.I like the words of Professor Luo Xiang: “Be cautious about controllable things and be optimistic about uncontrollable things.”Getting caught up in pointless speculation will limit your ability to perform.Wrapped around all kinds of thoughts, the heart will only increase the weight.Hong Huang, a writer who used to be a severe procrastinator, was preparing a powerpoint presentation. She had an outline in mind, but couldn’t keep up.Why?She felt that she was not good at making PPT, both afraid that she could not do well, and afraid that she would not be recognized.The more she thought, the less she dared to begin.In the end, the plan was just a piece of paper.Li Tiantian, CEO of Luji Thought, once said, “There is always a dilemma in life. If you are torn between doing something and not doing it, don’t repeat the reasoning, just do it.”Clear your mind and focus on what’s in front of you, and you’ll find that anxiety dissipates in action.In the end, Ma Dong talked about one thing when he was interviewed by Xu Zhiyuan in the thirteen Invitation.The most important quality he looks for in recruiting and evaluating employees is “putting people first.”What does that mean?The truth is that we need to learn to put aside all useless emotions and focus on the work itself, so that we can make great progress.When you embrace work, you embrace a better future.