“Weekly Capital Route Map” Capital concentrated into the financial, real estate sector!Vanke, Agricultural Bank of China and other major net capital inflows ranked first

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The Shanghai and Shenzhen markets this week showed an overall shock rebound trend, the Shanghai index rose 2.19% this week, the Shenzhen Component index rose 1.29%, the GEM index rose 1.1%.Financial, real estate and other weighted sectors showed strength, real estate rose more than 10% this week, leading the industry sector.This week, the main funds in Shanghai and Shenzhen had a net outflow of 87.696 billion yuan, with a relatively large outflow of 36.555 billion yuan on Thursday (March 31).2, northbound capital this week net inflow of 22.9 billion yuan, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 main capital this week net outflow of 3.624 billion yuan, gem net outflow of 26.935 billion yuan, science and technology innovation board net outflow of 868 million yuan.Northbound funds had a net inflow of 22.902 billion yuan this week, including 12.726 billion yuan for Shanghai stock Connect and 10.176 billion yuan for Shenzhen Stock Connect.3. The main funds are focused on the financial sector. Among the 28 first-level industries of shenwan, banking and other industries have achieved a net inflow of 12.808 billion yuan.Top 20 stocks bought by main funds of the week 5. Top 15 stocks bought by main funds of the week: Top 15 stocks sold by main funds of the week 6.Ye Shuyun A Copyright Statement All the original content of the securities Times platform, without written authorization, any units and individuals shall not be reproduced.We reserve the right to investigate the relevant subject of legal responsibility.For reprinting and cooperation, please contact SecuritiesTimes assistant on wechat ID: SecuritiesTimes illegal and bad information report tel: 0755-83514034 email:bwb@stcn.comEND click keyword to view the hidden series 丨 shares in-depth reporting things will column 丨 investment little red book 丨 e company 丨 times saloon 丨 shady survey 丨 ten big star private interviews 丨 spring go grassroots 丨 a-share wing hui 丨 200 billion shipping giant plate harden, maotai once rose by more than 4% 丨 “non-professional investors do not suggest to sell at this time!”Capital management big guy Dong Chengfei latest voice! Putin report hand!Buy natural gas must use ruble, Russian stock market, foreign exchange both rise!European gas prices soarBuick Dynamics was terminated, there were questions about insider trading, what happened?Full network crazy grab!”I Maotai” is so popular that more than 6.2 million applications have been made in one hour.丨 sudden!Baidu and other Chinese companies were “pre-delisted” by the United States?China Securities Regulatory Commission: Depends on the progress and results of Sino-US regulatory cooperation!We have an urgent response from the company involved