Biden calls For War in Ukraine, US: China ‘supports Russia’ and must be sanctioned as well

2022-05-17 0 By

As the Munich Security Conference kicked off, the United States continued to play up “Russia is going to invade Ukraine.” Biden even went so far as to say that “Putin is determined to go to war,” creating an atmosphere of “war in Ukraine.”At the same time, the United States also began to threaten sanctions. Some American media even openly claimed that China “supports Russia” and therefore should be “accompanied by sanctions”.Munich security Conference – Us foreign Policy magazine is reported to have openly argued that if Ukraine is “invaded”, the US should impose sanctions on China as well.The article claimed that China and Russia support each other and have strengthened economic cooperation.China’s economic strength could help Russia ease the pressure imposed by western sanctions.Therefore, the article argues that if Biden wants to impose sanctions on Russia from an economic perspective, he must not forget China, and the U.S. will have to express its position that it is prepared to impose “secondary sanctions” on China at the same time as imposing sanctions on Russia.In addition to the Shouting and crying of the US media, the notorious anti-China Congressman, Marco Rubio, also continued to hype “China supports Russia” recently. Rubio claimed that Russia is now “very confident” about China, so it deployed its elite forces to the Russia-Ukraine border.Rubio claimed that China is also “watching the situation in Russia and Ukraine” and is summarizing the results and experiences.He even forced the russia-Ukraine issue into Taiwan, suggesting That China might “do something” about the island by 2030.Just like Rubio, the above-mentioned article of Foreign Policy magazine made wild remarks on the Taiwan issue while hyping up the “mutual support” between China and Russia.It can be seen that some POLITICIANS in the US are already trying to force the Russia-Ukraine issue to China and pour dirty water on China.And the U.S. government has done this business before, the beginning is the deputy secretary of state newland people such as “propaganda”, from a distance to China in Ukraine on the issue of “persuasion” on Russia, after a White House naked again threatened to say Russia once sanctions, China’s “cannot make up for,” said “China is under international pressure.(Sullivan, White House Adviser) But the world can see clearly who is hyping up the Ukraine issue.This would not have been the case if America had not kept on firing.Russia has been pressing its security concerns with the West, while the United States has ignored them and stoked tensions in Ukraine.Even though Russian troops are already pulling back from their original deployment, Biden’s constant repetition of “Russia is invading” is not calming the situation, it is deliberately stoking the fire.So the Ukrainian issue is entirely the result of deliberate instigation by the United States. China has stated its objective position on the Ukrainian issue many times.If the problem is to be solved, the United States needs to show its attitude.And if the United States is always playing up tensions maliciously and always threatening, then it will be difficult to solve the problem.And if the United States really wants to scare China with sanctions, it is only a dream, China does not eat such a game.