Bottom line job search order

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I always have students to find me the first few words is “I this job I will get how much money, how many large companies to join?”Are these demands reasonable?Personally, I think it’s very reasonable, but it’s not practical.Personally, I think when looking for a job, we should have our own bottom line or priority. That is to say, we should meet some basic requirements first and then strive for other requirements.Let’s talk briefly about this “baseline order”, which is actually very simple, but we often get “lost” in practice.The first bottom line: the matching degree is always the matching degree. For example, if you are an accountant, you will find a job related to accounting. There is nothing wrong with this.The second bottom line: on the premise of satisfying the first level, it is developmental. Take accounting as an example. You used to be a junior accountant, but the new job offers you a chance to do general ledger.Isn’t that much better?The third bottom line: if the above two conditions are met — the work situation, that is, the business, the environment, the colleagues around are good, whether they are “doers” or “doers”.The fourth bottom line: what is a better company and a bigger enterprise under the premise of satisfying the above three points?The last is the money you want, this is not talking about, boring.Conclusion: a lot of people because of the “giant” known reputation, missed their chance to become good a lot of people, in order to more out thousands of dollars each month, wasted months or even years of young people in the workplace gold period of just a few years, some people take their gold period to whole long skill, some people take their gold period timely cash advance themselves.You get what you get. You choose. You deserve it.Miss is missed, their own choice, nothing to complain about.If the above information can not help you answer, you can see my home page, or private chat to communicate, I help you answer.Every article is edited by 7 elder brothers, if reprinted, please indicate the source thank you!Can help with career planning, resume modification, interview counseling, job questions.