Courier little brother, take-out little brother, the bottom of my mind!

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As of March 28, the Economic Mediation Committee (referred to as the mediation Committee), the first new business form and new employment group platform in Beijing Economic development Zone, has received 16 cases, of which 15 have been concluded, including 9 mediation, 3 withdrawal of lawsuits and 3 rulings.This is one of the many measures taken by the Beijing Economic and Development Zone to ensure the sense of belonging of new businesses and new employment groups.It is reported, as well new forms, new employment community service security work, to solve their practical problems, always adhere to the party led by open, Beijing set up a committee secretary of the front line scheduling, to organize the work in the personnel department minister personally stresses scheduling mechanism, create a “six” project and the combination of “five new” action “6 + 5” efficient propulsion mechanism,A package of work to organize, find Party members, strengthen the foundation, and establish typical models opened the curtain on party building in new forms of business and new employment groups.The Beijing Economic Development District Arbitration Court provides a new service model of quick establishment, quick adjudication and quick settlement for new business types and new employment groups. It has established a quick adjudication court and a grass-roots mediation organization for new business types of economic groups to ensure that cases can be settled within 30 days.The Party and mass service center opened the red exhibition hall, the Federation of Trade Unions admitted new employment groups to join the trade union, issued “cool bags” for new employment groups, provided free legal advice and guidance services, and the government service center launched delay services…The relevant departments of the Beijing Economic development Zone have launched their own special services, hoping to solve various problems of new business forms and new employment groups through “a list”.During the epidemic, arbitrators in Beijing Economic Development Zone tried labor dispute cases through online video.Data diagram from Beijing by the open area in the arbitration institute of the Courier staff focus of Beijing – pass company set up in Beijing since the open area first mediation committee, give full play to the arbitration institute of the lecture hall “arbitration” flow “open court” brand activities, through the send method into the enterprise and combined with case interpretation method, strengthen the labor the franco-prussian propaganda, improve the level of enterprises in accordance with the labor and worker rights in accordance with the law.At the same time, we will strengthen the building of community-level labor dispute mediation organizations and mediators in enterprises with new forms of business and platform economy, improve the mechanism for coordinating the supervision of arbitration courts, the implementation of community-level mediation organizations, and the guidance of arbitrators, so as to ensure early detection, intervention, disposal, and resolution of labor dispute disputes.”This year, we will also work with local courts to establish a joint service model for case acceptance, create a ‘one window for all’ service window, and provide one-stop service for the rights protection of Courier boys and other groups.”Beijing open area arbitration court concerned person in charge said.The head of the relevant department of Beijing Economic development Zone said that in the future, the Beijing Economic Development Zone will join hands with various departments to provide convenience for the work and life of workers in the new business mode, so that they are difficult to understand.From the perspective of service, we will unite and lead new business forms and new employment groups to make positive contributions based on their positions and become an important force of social service in the high-quality development of Beijing Economic development Zone and Yizhuang New Town.Reporter: Liu Na