District chief Ding Wenguang investigated and guided pollution prevention and control

2022-05-17 0 By

On February 4, district chief Ding Wenguang investigated and guided our district pollution prevention and control work.Song Hongjin, deputy head of the district government, was accompanied by colleagues from the district Government office, the headquarters office, the ecological environment Sub-bureau, Geng Huang Town and Baodong Office.Ding Wenguang and his delegation visited the national environmental protection control station, chemical fiber plant, Yuxin Power Generation plant and Huaxin Railway Logistics Park to conduct research and guide environmental protection work.Ding wenguang stressed: the relevant units should strictly implement the task, expert group instructions, strengthen the area of construction sites, industrial enterprises, idle yards and other bare material coverage work, increase sprinkler, fog cannon, wet cleaning operations, comprehensive control of dust pollution on the air quality of our area.The ecological environment sub-bureau and the subordinate towns (streets) shall supervise the industrial enterprises under their jurisdiction to implement control measures, reduce capacity and reduce emissions, and increase the frequency of watering and wet sweeping operations in the production areas.We will pay special attention to the burning of loose coal, cooking fumes, road dust, and control of heavy diesel trucks around government-controlled stations, and resolutely win the battle for comprehensive control of air pollution in autumn and winter as well as the battle to protect the air for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.(Houde Fengquan)