I am in the Spring Festival | peace I guardian care is not vacancy

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No matter where we are, there will always be someone missing us in this cold winter. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the auxiliary police of Jiuzhi County Public Security Bureau deeply feel the care of the leaders of the county government and the Party Committee of the county Bureau on New Year’s Eve.Zhuoma, the county magistrate of jiuzhi County people’s Government, visited the county bureau offices, S101 and 740 card points respectively that week. She fully recognized the spirit of all the public security auxiliary police to maintain the overall social stability of the county, give up their small family to care for everyone, stick to their posts and fulfill their duties, and sent holiday blessings and warm greetings to the auxiliary police who stick to their posts.On February 3 and February 4, they went to Ka Point again.New Year’s eve, the county committee and secretary of the committee of essential hidden when the intellectual, the county committee and organization minister yan-feng li, Feng Zhongmin, deputy head of a line in the county party committee, deputy director of weeks added that accompanied to S101, 740 card condolences to stand in a line of police JiuZhi provincial boundary checkpoints, to all frontline duty personnel in the maintenance of social stability, epidemic prevention and control,Yan gave full recognition to the important role they played in the import risk gate work, thanked them for their achievements in serving the overall situation and fulfilling their duties, and presented the white Hada and the New Year’s greetings.On February 3, Wen Xiaohua, director of Jiuzhi County Health Bureau, and his delegation visited S101 and 740 epidemic prevention and control checkpoints to express their condolences to frontline workers. They sent warm greetings and supplies to ensure the safety and warmth of frontline workers.On New Year’s Eve, Zhiqing Songdo town Party secretary Li Xinglin and four people went to the county bureau Zhiqing Songdo police station to comfort all the civilian auxiliary police on duty, sent greetings and blessings of the New Year.On New Year’s Eve, zhou Jiacairang, member of the Party Committee and executive deputy director of the County Public Security Bureau, and Gongbao Jie, deputy director of the public Security Bureau, visited the civilian auxiliary police at S101 and 740 provincial border checkpoints respectively.I sent them festival greetings and New Year’s greetings, as well as gifts and money.Yet greetings p heart shining warm blessing to pass all the people of the auxiliary police JiuZhi county public security bureau set up in the New Year make persistent efforts, continue to work hard to finish the work of public security is the escort JiuZhi county social steady source | | JiuZhi county public security bureau audit tashi Huang Xiu To wang zhen cuo coordinating editor |Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers a video address to the Opening Ceremony of the 139th Session of the International Olympic Committee