Jia Yuanchun ending mystery: hold up jia woman face, eventually became the victim of political tussle

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Jia Yuanchun is “a dream of Red Mansions” in the main figure, although she appeared very few, but about the rise and fall of the whole Jia family, especially in the ningrong house continued to decline under the background, she was conferred xiande princess, this fire and oil, flowers with a happy event, become jia mansion collapsed before the last light.On the end of the Yuan Spring, has always analyzed messy, on the one hand, the yuan Spring body in the official, Cao Xueqin rarely positive to write her, in addition to the eighteenth back to the “Yuan Princess mothering”, the book almost no other words about the Yuan Spring;On the other hand, yuan-chun’s fate is directly related to jia’s dilapidated family. Her fate is focused on eighty times later, but Gao Osprey’s writing is careless, with a sentence: “middle-aged fat, suffering from phlegm disease, a disease of death” is hastily overlooked.Anyone who has studied the original work of “A Dream of Red Mansions” has a clear mirror in mind: Yuan Chun’s ending is definitely not what Gao E wrote, because it does not conform to the judgment of the fifth chapter of The Secretary of Fate, and the implication of Yuan Chun’s song “A Dream of Red Mansions”.In the original work of a Dream of Red Mansions, Bo Ming’s judgment on The Yuan Chunxia was as follows: In the past twenty years, he had judged right and wrong, and the pomegranate flowers were blooming all in court.Evocatively, I dare to Revere my dream.In the verdict, the previous content was to depict the atmosphere of yuanchun’s evocation in profile, only the last sentence “hu Si si damengge” really revealed the secret of yuanchun’s evocation.Based on the evocative meaning rhinoceros, “evocative Tiger” is an allusion to a tussle between two political forces that led to the evocative “daemonghui”, the death of confey Yuan.There are some versions of a dream of red mansions, “tiger before meet big dream be” and “tiger meet big dream be rabbit”, some critics, “tiger” rabbit metaphor of time of the RMB is the death of the princess, before two characters in the font, rabbits on some close, don’t know is copying the omissions, or for other reasons, we press here, temporarily not dig.On this basis, let’s look at the fourth song of a Dream of red Mansions “Hate impermanence”, which is a metaphor for the life of Yuan Chun: Joy, glory and Prosperity just happen, hate impermanence again.Helplessly, throw everything away.Swing leisurely, fang soul consumption.Look at home, road far mountain high.Therefore to father and mother dream phase seek to tell: son life has entered the death, tianlun oh, need to retreat early!Literally speaking, Won Chun should be caught in the political vortex. In fact, only the political vortex can give way to the high virtuous concubine Won Chun lamenting “hate impermanent again”.Song also mentioned “look at home, road far mountain high, so to father and mother dream phase seek to tell”, it seems that the end of the yuan spring life is not in the palace, but outside the palace, at the end of a “need to retreat early”, seems to be the interpretation of the bureaucratic “rush liuyongretreat” truth.But some scholars put forward different views, such as noble university Han Yanbo paper also talk about yuan spring beginning, he put forward “hate capricious” in the high mountains “road”, it is possible that with the technique of art, only show that yuan spring and loved ones can’t meet, because the yuan spring even in palace, cannot normal rong-guo mansion with loved ones,So can not pass this sentence “road far mountain high”, that yuan Chun finally died outside the palace.Personally, I do not agree with this statement. The most taboo in literary interpretation is lone evidence. It is neither objective nor rigorous to use only one argument to support all viewpoints.The end of princess Yuan’s life in the palace, this statement is more readers’ subjective expectations, and not based on the foible of the original work to deduce, on the contrary, Yuan Chun died outside the palace, the original work is not unique evidence.In addition to the above “hatred of impermanent” in the “road far mountain high”, the original work of the 18th back “yuan concubine” in the process, there was a period of yuan concubine play, covering the whole part of the book’s big joint, to which the Ink stone zhai has a clear comment, the original work: Jia Qiang will be urgent brocade book presented, and a list of twelve flowers.When he was young, the eunuch came out and only ordered four plays.Second: “Qi Qiao”;The third: “Destiny”;The fourth is “The Ghost”.Note that the second play of yuanchun point is “Qi Qiao”, which comes from the Palace of Eternal Life. Therefore, The Death of Princess Fu Yuan in the Palace of Eternal Life was clearly criticized by The Yanzhai.So what is the story of The Palace of Eternal Life?It is a love story between Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty and His concubine Yang Guifei. Qi Qiao is the climax of the love story. Xuanzong and Yang Concubine vow to each other under the moon, but the love ends tragically.Because of the mutiny, Emperor Xuanzong had to grant White Damask and Concubine Yang in 马嵬驿, the concubine who had been spoiled by thousands of people, so ended his life.Two relative comparison will be found, “hate impermanence” and “Palace of Eternal Life” have a lot of details are consistent, “mountain high road far” hint yuan Spring leave palace, Yang Guifei finally died in 马嵬驿, is also outside the palace, coupled with the “Palace of Eternal Life” in the death of Princess Fu Yuan, the answer has been more obvious.In conclusion, through the analysis of before eighty and back to the original fat group, yuan the ultimate result will be not simple wives, her big probability is into a political battle, the fights are by property of enrollment, or north king, king of compliant and political opposition, we cannot conclude that, but what is certain is that yuan spring was a victim of the pancratium,And she is NingRong last two big political backer, she fell, the ultimate outcome of jia family does not need to say more, since you can glance, this paper is the “red chamber is not red” original, unauthorized, please do not reprint this article citations are from “a dream of red mansions” red inkstone criticism this 80 back to the pictures from the network, if there is any infringement please contact deleted, thank you!