Jintan district: “three forces” to strengthen the rural teachers

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Teachers are the primary resource for the development of education. To revitalize rural education and promote the quality and balanced development of compulsory education, we must give top priority to the construction of teachers.By strengthening the “attraction” of administration, increasing the “vitality” of communication and practicing the “internal force” independently, the rural teachers in Jintan district have made gratifying changes.At present, jintan district has 52 compulsory education schools, including 15 village primary schools, 5 rural middle schools and 575 full-time teachers.For small rural schools with a large number of places, sufficient teachers are allocated, with a teacher-student ratio of about 1:8.8.The number of rural teachers is not only sufficient, but also well developed.In the past three years, for example, 16 teachers in the district won the first prize in the provincial youth teacher basic skills and excellent course competition, including 6 rural teachers.Strong administrative “gravity”.We should pay attention to the main position of classroom teaching, seize the opportunity of provincial and municipal teachers’ basic skills competition and excellent class evaluation, take the competition as a clue of teaching and research throughout the whole year, and promote training, research and thinking through the competition.Many teacher training programs have been set up.For example, in view of the situation that most newly recruited teachers are arranged to rural schools, new teacher training will be arranged within two years and five years of their entry every year, and backbone teacher training camps and training stations for rural backbone teachers will be organized in a planned way according to the needs of various schools.At the same time, in all kinds of training, evaluation, professional title evaluation and hiring of rural teachers, and every year, more than 5 million yuan is allocated as a special fund for small-scale rural schools, mainly for the professional development of rural teachers.Communication increases vitality.In order to increase the vitality of the school and promote the growth of more teachers, Jintan has successively sent a number of excellent teachers and principals to rural areas to take the lead in their new posts.Through the establishment of education groups, education and teaching alliances according to districts, to further balance the allocation of resources between urban and rural areas, enhance the interaction between urban and rural areas, and promote the development of rural teachers.At present, 12 alliances have been set up in the compulsory education stage, including six in primary and junior high schools.Practice “internal force” independently.With the continuous development of curriculum reform, the independent consciousness of professional development of primary and secondary school teachers in Jintan district has been strengthened.In 2011, Jintan started the construction of master studios and selected the first batch of master studios.Some schools have set up professional development teams such as “studios”, “workshops” and “growth camps”. These teams are mostly formed and developed by teachers of their own will, and are positioned as “grassroots” studios.At present, there are more than 60 teams in the district that can run normally with clear research direction and construction system.Jintan District is also actively supporting the development of “grassroots” studios. For example, it carries out “grassroots” studio evaluation activities and elevates many excellent studios to “Famous teacher studios” in Jintan District to promote the construction.In the future, Jintan District will continue to focus on the direction of administrative guidance, urban and rural development and independent development, build up a strong team of teachers, and explore the Jintan path of promoting rural education revitalization and education revitalization.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com