Qingzhou Hengsheng wood packaging female manager Wang Zongli, let Qingzhou wooden pallet packaging go abroad

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“Clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains”, green development has become the consensus of the whole society, in the field of wood packaging is no exception.The wooden pallets produced by Qingzhou Hengsheng Wood Packaging Co., Ltd. are strictly in accordance with the national standards, so as to achieve multiple recycling of products and effectively reduce peak carbon emissions.What your person does not think of is, this already managed enterprise of more than 10 years, the person in charge of backside is a gentle female manager Wang Zongli actually.”It is not easy for men or women to succeed in society, but relatively speaking, it is more difficult for women.”Wang Zongli frankly, in 2006 at the beginning of the start-up, the voice around the question has not stopped.”I was 38 years old, and a lot of people couldn’t understand that women at that age were not focused on their children, but on starting a business, and some even made jokes about it, waiting to see when I wouldn’t do it anymore.”But Wang Zongli is born to be indomitable character, in her life creed, as long as it is the right thing must insist on doing.In 2006, Hengsheng packaging began business in Qingzhou City, the annual output value of 1 million.Since then, under the careful management of Wang Zongli, the annual output value of Hengsheng packaging has grown steadily every year, reaching 20 million yuan in 2019. The production categories include pallets, standard containers, foldable boxes, fumigating free wooden boxes, etc.At the same time, Hengsheng packaging and JINGdong, JAC automobile, Lianke and other well-known large enterprises reached cooperation agreements, further enhance the brand influence.In 2013, Hengsheng packaging was named “Weifang Forestry Industry leading enterprise” by Weifang Forestry Bureau;At the same time, Hengsheng packaging or China wood packaging association member, Shandong wood packaging professional committee standing vice president unit.With the increase of hengsheng packaging orders, the original production site can no longer meet the production demand. In 2016, Hengsheng packaging moved to Mihe Town from Jungshan Road.The new company covers an area of 15,000 square meters, which is a new step in production security.Wang Zongli said: “although affected by the epidemic in recent two years, but the company’s overall development situation is good, especially in recent years, we strictly implement the national policy, in accordance with the unified logistics standards production standardization tray, make originally the disposable trays can use cycle times, reduced the cost of carbon peak, both for customers save the cost of cooperation.”While focusing on production, Hengsheng packaging does not forget to give back to the society.Especially in 2018, Qingzhou was hit by Typhoon “Wenbiya”, hengsheng packaging on the one hand actively resumed production to ensure the timely delivery of customer orders under the condition of heavy losses of its own plants;On the other hand, Hengsheng packaging actively to the seriously affected Wangfen, Miaozi, Shaozhuang and other towns and villages donations.For this reason, Hengsheng packaging by qingzhou Federation of industry and commerce, Qingzhou Chamber of Small and medium entrepreneurs commend, and issued a certificate of honor.At the same time, Wang zongli also personally joined qingzhou Xinyu volunteers, regularly visit the lonely elderly, left-behind children and so on, to send warm care for them.Facing the honor and recognition, Wang zongli said it is both encouragement and pressure.Wang Zongli said: “2022 is a new starting point for hengsheng’s development. We will further expand production and recruit employees on the current scale.At the same time, we will strive to win the European bid this year, with the help of the country’s new “One Belt and One Road” good policy, further go abroad, expand foreign trade market cooperation.At the same time, as a company with more than ten years of development, the next step is to do a good job in the construction of corporate culture, culture to promote development.”