The world’s most endangered and nationally-protected animal, the weasel badger, was released into a hospital by mistake

2022-05-17 0 By

Qinchunet – Shiyan headlines article, figure/reporter Luo Wei Reporter Cheng Ping Xiao Yanhua Tao Yong intern Li Jinyu report: 29, Zhushan County maternal and child health care hospital doctor Zhai Minghui asked forestry station to release a national protection of the “three have” wild animal ermine badger, praised by past residents.It is reported that in the afternoon, Zhushan County maternal and child health care hospital doctor Zhai Minghui found a cat-like animal in the first floor stairwell of the hospital building in the corner, he immediately called security help to help and call 110 pankou township forestry station to check.Pankou township forestry station received the report and reported to the county Forestry Bureau wild protection station, professionals went to the scene to see, online inquiry, physical comparison, confirmed that the “cat” for the national “three have” protected animal ermine badger.At 16:30, the county forestry Bureau, the township forestry station staff and the “angel in white” released the baby weasel badger into the wild.It is known that the weasel badger is the “three have” (important ecological, scientific and social value of the land wildlife) animal, and has been listed on the 2008 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.Aka fish 鳅 cat, white elephant nose, bias raccoon dog, badger, pigs raccoon dog, belong to the mammals, are nocturnal, generally live in caves, action is slow, slow, change the obvious seasonal activity, spring and winter general activity between slope of forests and thickets, summer, autumn season much activity in the slope between the forest and river valley thickets.