Three fairy novel, tang monk into the existence of heaven, three disciples do not drag the hind legs good?

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Now more and more types of net text, various types of authors are struggling to write books, fans do not know how to choose, so let xiaobian to introduce you to good novels, all kinds of types, good words remember to collect!Through the west travel, become the Tang Monk, carrying a game system, can play strange upgrade, explosive equipment, from now on, the west travel on the devil are dangerous.Sand monk: big master elder brother, bad, the monster is seized by the teacher again.Tang’s monk: you a few today give me listen to good, is not you protect for the teacher to go west day to fetch classics, but the teacher take you a few drag hind legs of know?Without you, for the division of a person would have hit, er, go to the west……Note: not pure brainless invincible cool text.Recommended comments: Xixia essays on Westward Journey, this book is different from the usual focus on the description of three disciples, against the Tang Priest’s westward journey, this book takes a new path and goes against the routine.In this book.Male master was just a chef apprentice, big night was pulled by a friend to play games in Internet cafes, accidentally through the west of the world, through this want to fool around, but the system is not allowed, the ability of this system, similar to a knife 999 kind, play strange upgrade explosion equipment, explosion money, all kinds of explosion.Jinshan Temple, back hill.Clenched fists, arhat’s fists open, jiangliu’s fists hit forward.In front of him, a wounded black bear recoiled and roared.When blind Bear was shaken back, he suddenly dropped to the ground on all fours and rushed towards the river, his huge PAWS raised and patted down on the river.Heavy PAWS. It’s a huge force.”King Kong Curse”, looked at the black bear on the head of the blood is not much, jiang Liu heart dark drink.The bear’s paw, which had been heavy, hit him on the shoulder. Jiang Liu only felt a slight drop, but he was not hurt.Taking this opportunity, Jiang Liu’s golden fist hit the bear’s head again, causing its blood stripe to drop a little bit.At the same time, he drew back, raised his hand, and in a moment, the red flame gathered in his hand.The flame turned into a ball size, with the river pushed, directly toward the black bear hit the past, accurately hit the black bear.A shrill scream rang out. The blood drained from the bear’s head and he fell to the ground, seriously wounded and dying.Tip: gain 60 experience and 20 money.Hint, level increased by 1 to level 10.As the game system prompts, Jiang Liu takes out 20 copper coins from under the bear, puts them into his pocket, checks that it is getting late, and turns back.Since the jinshan temple was attacked on that day, Gaoyang was taken away, has been a week, this week’s time, jiangliu every day to the back of the mountain to find the beast to play strange upgrade, but fortunately did not encounter what strength strong monsters, most are some goblins.Only the day before yesterday, I met a monster who spoke human words. However, fortunately, the current of the river is different now, with the increase of mahogany ring, and the coordination of arhat boxing, King Kong Curse and rapid fire bead, although I suffered some injuries, I successfully killed the monster.Not only did you get high experience points, but you also got a pair of average quality shoes.Linen shoes (normal quality) : +5 defense, +10% movement speed, 8/10 durability.Although it is just ordinary quality shoes, but with a little more attribute, it is better than nothing.After this week or so beat strange upgrade, river flow’s level, also finally from level 7 to level 10 of the degree.With the level increased to 10, the perfect quality of the weapon previously blasted from the Three-Eyed Raven’s magic wand.Think of the magic stick, jiang liu’s steps slightly intensified some, the magic stick because can not be equipped for the sake of him to stay in the zen room, this time he can’t wait to take up the magic stick to try.70 points of attack force increase, enough to make their own strength to promote a big cut.Click the link below to read it for free.”Xian Qin multiverse Empire” political elder brother cow force!This is a political elder brother accidentally obtained the great luo tian fragments, to ten thousand bound to bring Qin Law, restore order to the days, the book with text, car with track, unified currency weights and measures of the story.One day, I will plant the black water dragon flag of The Great Qin dynasty in every corner of the heaven and the world.Your Majesty, your notoriety from the Oriental Kunlun celestial circle to the western pantheon all know, no one is not known — the Lord god of the Main temple.According to the Law of Qin, the tick off fairy bone, beat yuan God, generation after generation, forever fall reincarnation – Li Si.No clothes, with the son with the robe — Xian Qin soldiers.Wind, wind, wind!The book is a novel of immortal chivalry with infinite flow. The protagonist Ying Zheng and The First emperor of The Qin Dynasty acquire the fragments of The Great Sky, acquire knowledge through the modern times, transform the world step by step, and set foot on the road to conquer the sky.Qin Shihuang has the ability to travel through each world, especially in the earth for several years, learn a lot of knowledge, even the eunuch beside have learned the Flower treasure dian, exorcizing evil sword spectrum, Chin Zheng training sunflower eunuch martial arts high, rigorous plot, it is a cold infinite flow fairy chivalrous novel.This is a pagoda with five stories, each one ten feet high, and the material of the whole pagoda is completely different from other palaces.At first they used stone, polished stones three feet thick.As for now, the outermost directly wrapped in a layer of public transport home’s latest research out of cement.Three feet of cement, three feet of stone, and an army of three thousand men, and that’s just the periphery.Inside the palace, there are 50 talismanic guards.Every one of them is the exorcism sword that Ying Zheng finds from the laughing world.The most difficult task is the first level, and for the eunuchs in the palace, there is no difficulty at all.With the support of great Qin resources, with master master’s personal instruction, every qualified guard against evil, are congenital master.Fifty guards, five sunflower guards, plus three thousand troops, this scale of the alert, when the world in addition to the North of the Taoist miji, Yin and Yang of the East Emperor taiyi and a pulse of guiguzi guiguzi may escape, other to how many dead.Above the gate of the pagoda are four big characters – great Library.In it were the books ying Zheng had copied from other worlds and could make available to the public.More than 99 percent are purchased from modern time and space.”The books here are the most important treasures of Daqin.There are hundreds of books on war alone, totally different.In addition, there are also a large number of Taoist classics and martial arts secrets.””Acquired, innate, master, master level of secrets, you name it.The same is true for refining spirits, qi, god, and even for spiritual practice.””Gu has said that the winner of this hunt will be rewarded with three volumes of books of war and one master level of martial arts.The second book is two volumes, and the third book is one volume, and the grand Master is one.””Wang Jian, Meng Tian and Li Xin, you are the top three in this competition. I will reward you well.”Looking at the three generals standing erect and motionless, Ying Zheng felt much better at once.Wang Jian, needless to say, was one of the four military gods of the Warring States period, who swept through the Three Jin States and conquered the state of Chu.As for Meng Tian, it was not until qin conquered the whole country that he made his fortune.With 300,000 troops, they attacked the Huns in the north.He is even more loyal to qin, otherwise he will not be killed directly by Zhao Gao instead of launching an army against the king of Qing.Li Xin was the least successful of the three, but even he had made great contributions in the process of destroying Zhao and Yan.In history, Yan Taizi Dan was chased by him and died, although not directly killed, but also with him directly.”Three days. You’ll have three days to read.After three days, you can only take the corresponding prize, no more.”Ying Zheng smiled and said, “Thank you for the reward.””Said all three in unison.”Before that, I have a question for you: In your opinion, who should be destroyed first and who later?””Destroy Korea first.”Wang Jian did not hesitate.It was clear that he had thought about this question many times before.”Destroy Korea first.”Meng Tian agreed.”I will destroy whomever your Majesty asks me to.”Li Xin, the tallest and youngest, patted his chest.”Ha ha, gu know.”Click the link below to read it for free.One day, the dragon ascended to heaven and traveled across the world.The dragon is me, I am the dragon – Zhuangming.Recommended comments: this book is a more traditional xian Xia article, waste counter-attack flow is also very refreshing.Story tells the story of the protagonist into fairy way and abdomen crushing, cold wave is coming, the gate 30 years of weak body is not able to withstand the, his legacy is helpless to send its mountain, take a profiteer property for one of the riches and honour, accidental falls off cliffs into disability, found the cave meet down, was too long, leading role from deformed body find ways and means of uniting, step by step towards the peak.The enemy is intelligent, well-written, novel and non-toxic.Early in the morning.Zhuang Ming took a deep breath and slowly exhaled it.He can no longer practice the work of gathering holy mountain, can only transport the most basic formula to raise qi, raise a real qi.However, his Dan Tian was broken down, the injury has not been able to recover, now even if another skill, also can not break the realm of nourishing qi.And the location of the puncture, about 70% of the way up from the bottom.It’s like a bucket full of water, ten points high, but at seven points high, there’s a hole.From then on, the water in the bucket, at most, is seven points high.No matter how zhuang Ming practices, the true qi in his body can only leave 70% true qi at the peak of qi cultivation.Again too much practice, accumulation of true qi, will overflow out.But today, it’s different.”This ancient book is really rare.”The ancient books in the hands of Zhuang Ming are obviously the ancient books handed down from fang Yi’s ancestors.This is a character travel notes, tells the journey of a little Taoist priest.But there was a spell hidden in it.Most people only see stories.Zhuang Ming, a spiritual practitioner, saw a formula on the first page, so he was willing to buy fang Yi’s ancient book for two hundred silver.”Break up the formula and incorporate it into the story.””People who write books are really good.””I spent two days and one night sorting out the secret formula in this book.”Zhuang Ming looked at the formula he had copied down and said to himself, “This skill is really of great use to me.”This formula is not a practice but a skill.Not too brilliant, but extremely rare.This skill is called “One Qi Sword of Mixed Yuan”.Abdomen hide a gas, savings in the atrium, long and use it, after twelve heavy building, gas such as sword, mouth can kill.Zhuang Ming’s nourishing qi formula, every practice, will be saturated with overflow, in vain, but with this way, you can save the excess true qi in the body, when necessary, open your mouth and spit out, sharp as a sword, also counted as a point of self-protection.”The longer you accumulate, the stronger you become, the stronger you become.””What a pleasant surprise.”Zhuang Ming was in a very good mood and only moved with his mind. The young dragon in his sleeve also twisted slightly and came out with a flexible eye.– “Childe.”White old voice, from outside the house came.”Why?”Zhuang Ming’s voice, slowly out.”A visitor came to visit with an ancient book and three exotic medicines.””What price?””Ask not for gold or silver.””What is it?”Click the link below to read it for free.Today we first recommend here, xiaobian continue to try to give you tao books, what do you want to say to xiaobian?At the end of the article below the comment area, xiaobian will be very serious to see oh, there is a good novel can also tell xiaobian oh, looking forward to your message and attention.