Together with “Life is Wonderful”, Mubu child safety seat helps Guan Kunling to open a better life

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Earlier this year, jay Chou officially announced that his wife Hannah quinlivan is expecting their third child.Mtep child safety seat strategic cooperation “Life is Good” program, hand in hand to help officer Quinling interpret the true meaning of a good life.Life is Wonderful is the first variety show focusing on contemporary national lifestyle, broadcast simultaneously on Hubei SATELLITE TV and Youku network platform. The show advocates a better lifestyle, recommends good things for life, and makes life better!Hannah Quinlivan is not only an outstanding actress and model, but also a new mother with three children. Her wonderful lifestyle and good things to take care of children are loved by many young mothers.While many people have different opinions about the good life, Hannah Quinlivan shares her wonderful life with her husband Jay Chou and their baby routine.Hannah’s idea of a good life is to live at ease and never forget yourself, no matter for a person or a family.Label step as a new generation of child safety seat brand, concerned about their children’s safety, happiness, growth and comfortable travel experience, also help parents everyday take Eva more easy grace, this and the life was good program pursuit of a better way of life and better power officer he ling expressed by Eva don’t forget to love their own good life philosophy height.With the rapid development of society, the parenting concept and parenting style of Chinese families are being rapidly updated and iterated, and there will be a leapfrog change almost every 4-5 years.We hope to have the opportunity to help the new generation of parents express their aspirations and aspirations in this new stage of life and support them to better practice their unique parenting philosophy.Ma step is for the science and technology, in the high-end infant child products brand, relying on the group company car seat one hundred manufacturing technology, exclusive research and development for new baby and family to use, the nautilus bionic child safety seat to help parents from daily trival, focus on getting along with children’s precious time, deliver a higher level of security.The company’s brands include mid-to-high-end baby products brand (Mopple & Co.), mid-to-high-end office chair brand (Zuowe), and service brand Wecare, etc.The program of the same style of nautilus bionic children’s safety seat, the appearance of the nautilus bionics cockpit, the “golden section” ratio, in line with the principle of infant ergonomics, not only make the baby feel comfortable, but also can care for the health of the baby’s spine, let the baby’s body growth and development more regular;Label step from nature extract to soothe the senses and make happy for healing color and elements, the native, nature, pure aesthetic design elements, apply to the child safety seat on the color of through lively modern warm color to move, the feelings and to build make children happier and comfortable space atmosphere, let each a parent-child journey, all become to return uncut jade to put in a comfortable experience.Mupu, a brand of baby products for the new generation of parents, is committed to providing safer, healthier, more comfortable and more stylish baby products for the better life of families. Together with life is Wonderful and Hannah Quinling, mupu is an advocate and practitioner of a better lifestyle.Now and in the future, mubu will do its best to provide more safe, comfortable and healthy products to meet the daily needs of parents and create better travel conditions for children, so that every parent-child journey is comfortable and comfortable, love will always spread in the company, and a better life will always be with you.