University cold “small language” major: after graduation “money” way is good, few people know however

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As for the choice of college majors, many parents are very headache, parents always hope their children can learn some “stable” majors, such as normal major, nursing major, and “language major”.Speaking of language majors, many people immediately think of English, which is a foreign language we learn from primary school, but also one of the most popular languages in the past ten years.But what we do not know is that English is not a small language, and because in recent years, the English popularity rate is very high, the employment of English major students is not optimistic.If want to learn language kind major, everybody might as well consider “minor language” major, although these minor language major is not what popular major, but obtain employment prospect is accident pretty good, few people know however!What is minor language major?A lot of people do not know a lot of people have misunderstanding to minor language major, they feel that as long as not English, Chinese, other languages are “minor language.But that’s not actually the case. A minority language is another name for a “non-common language”, and there are now six common languages in the world. Besides Chinese and English, there are also Russian, French, Spanish and Arabic.Only languages other than these six can be classified as “minor languages”, as stipulated by the United Nations, and some official documents are printed with translations in each of the six languages.However, we do not have to be too serious about the concept of small languages, even when domestic colleges and universities recruit students, also used to these non-English languages, unified called small languages.The school offers more minor language majors including: Russian, Japanese, French, Korean, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and so on.So in so many languages, what “minor language” major, more promising and “money way” after graduation?University is cold “minor language” major: after graduation “money” a lot of people are choosing major when good way, meeting the popular major such as finance, computer of first selection, feel these major future more have “money” way.Actually minor language major also has money way very much, today take everybody to check a few salary income higher minor language major.Portuguese: Portuguese belongs to the European language family. It is spoken in some African countries as well as in Portugal itself.It’s also one of the most lucrative languages, with Portuguese graduates earning starting salaries of between $2,000 and $2,500 in Africa.Such a high salary, even more than many finance graduates earn.The high salary is largely due to the fact that there are many projects in Africa, among which Portuguese majors help communicate.However, the shortage of Chinese language talents willing to work in Africa has resulted in a shortage.If students are willing to work abroad after graduation, learning Portuguese is a good option, and many graduates are not able to achieve such a salary.German: German graduates also have good graduation prospects, salary is ranked second in the minor languages, and a very important point, students studying German do not have to work abroad like students of other languages.Because students majoring in German, mainly serve some “German enterprises” in China, especially “car enterprises”, so they can stay in China to work.Many middle and senior management of German enterprises will also take the initiative to learn “German” after their development to a certain extent, so as to facilitate better communication with the headquarters.French: French is not a small language, the general language of many countries includes French, in many colleges and universities in the country also opened a French major.According to statistics, French majors can earn between $1,000 and $1,500 on average after being sent to work in other countries.The student of minor language major, what profession can be engaged in after graduation?Some parents worry that after students “minor language” graduation, employment is too narrow, can not let all minor language students to be translators, right?Parents do not have to worry about this, small language students in the corresponding major in addition to translation, there are many, but the general people do not know it.Take an examination of civil servant: now young people like to take an examination of iron rice bowl, in fact the classmate of our minor language major can also take an examination of civil servant.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and other units, are in need of relevant language talents, students with minor languages are more popular.State-owned enterprises: Many state-owned enterprises have foreign business, and they are also very short of such language talents. For example, AvIC, CSCEC and Sinopec all recruit overseas translators all year round, and their salaries are quite considerable. Of course, these state-owned enterprises may prefer school recruitment, so the choice of university is also very important.Foreign enterprises: this is also a good choice for the students, there are a lot of posts in foreign enterprises are specialized in providing small language professional students, such as foreign sales, marketing, finance and other posts, need to have a certain language foundation.Besides the German enterprise that says above, the treatment of day enterprise also is quite good, the student can key consider to learn these relevant language.Culture, education and media jobs: To say the least, students who learn a minor language can give full play to their strengths and become teachers of this major, or they can also do part-time translation jobs online, which are very lucrative.Topic of the day: Do you think it’s safe to learn a small language?Which “minority” language has the most money?