Yao Yang will soon rival Lv Dehua!Every day stability 500W popularity, god chicken camp confiscated his regret

2022-05-17 0 By

I believe that many friends like to watch live broadcasts mainly for relaxation. After a tired day, they go home and watch live broadcasts on their mobile phones in bed. The content had better make them happy, which is why Dehua’s live broadcasts are so popular.Recently and Dehua live style similar yao Yang into the public’s vision, every day stable 500W popularity, status comparable to Lv Dehua.Mention Yao Yang believe that there must be a lot of friends have seen his live, because its unique funny style and good live atmosphere let him gradually into the public’s view, from an unknown three line small anchor all the way to now about 500W popular net red every day.Many net friends are directed at his incapacity rage, of course more net friends are directed at him to throw the keyboard.If dehua because of the Jinghui incident and dropped the phone fire, then Yao Yang is relying on the keyboard quickly became popular.Because Yao Yang playing the game level does not change, talent is also general but his temper is not small, often because of some small things were detonated, and the keyboard is routine, this visual impact makes many viewers feel novel, but also brought a lot of joy to the audience.Because yao Yang and Dehua two live style is similar, so many netizens also like to compare the two people, and even a lot of students party said to see Ming Kai in the morning, see Yao Yang in the afternoon, see Dehua in the evening, this holiday day is very full.Of course, people have different opinions about them, but they have a common characteristic, that is, a high eq.Dehua need not say more, although people send nickname native chicken, appearance is also careless, but Dehua has a lot of friends, whether other anchors or professional players, Dehua has many friends.Yao Yang although not dehua so many friends, but Yao Yang is good at catching the eye of the audience.Yao Yang usually in addition to looking for anchorwoman play PK game, is “pit” king of teammates, casually fall a hand in the keyboard.Recently Yao Yang in the rapid popularity and many times after the Solo other anchor or professional players, even the micro cool and demon knife have been his provocation.Of course, this is not to say that their relationship is not good, just that Ming Yao Yang will create program effect, he created a good atmosphere through such program effect, for him to rise countless fans, faint has to shake the status of Lv Dehua trend.Personal opinion: Yao Yang and Dehua’s live style is similar, the most impressive thing is to drop the keyboard, a day without a few keyboards is not possible, there are even a lot of netizens ridicule Yao Yang to live every day is to work for the keyboard factory.Of course, such live broadcast style and program effect have attracted countless fans for him, regardless of his good or bad, after all, the most important thing to watch live broadcast is happiness.