Business establishment!Daqing Lianghu school recruiting teachers, specific requirements

2022-05-18 0 By

Daqing Lianghu School plans to introduce 2 teachers in 2022 daqing Lianghu School needs to introduce 2 teachers in 2022 (business establishment), including 1 history teacher and 1 physics teacher of junior middle school.The specific requirements are as follows: 1. Educational qualification (1) World-class university construction university admission bachelor degree or above.(2) Master degree or above in normal universities with world-class disciplines.(3) Other universities recruit doctoral students.(4) Overseas universities should be in the “2022QS World University Rankings”, the “2022QS World University Rankings” in China’s world first-class university construction university ranked the last node, the node before the node according to the world first-class university construction university identified, after the node for full-time master’s degree or above.2. Undergraduate students should be under 30 (born on or after July 31, 1992), master’s students should be under 35 (born on or after July 31, 1987), and doctoral students should be under 40 (born on or after July 31, 1982).3. Have the corresponding teaching certificate.If no teacher qualification certificate has been issued, the teacher qualification certificate can be provided, but the teacher qualification certificate of the corresponding level must be obtained before the unified publicity of the teacher talents to be introduced.Please send your resume and supporting materials to person: Mr. Li Tel: 138459367770459-2620886