Guizhou Qinglong: Advocating civilization sacrifice and building fire safety “fire network”

2022-05-18 0 By

Every Qingming Festival, people will take part in incense burning, lighting candles and other ancestor worship activities.However, due to the strong wind and dry weather in spring, people are prone to fire accidents while offering sacrifices.Today, the tomb-sweeping day approaching, in order to effectively prevent the happening of the fire accident, digging fire rescue brigade upon the arrival of the tomb-sweeping day in guizhou has adopted a series of propaganda way to conduct fire control safety knowledge publicity, to jurisdiction the masses during the qingming festival holiday build a fire safe environment, build a fire safety “fire net”.United fire volunteers to actively carry out fire publicity activities.In order to effectively do a good job of fire safety publicity work, qinglong fire publicity staff united with fire volunteers to go deep into the area of each street for fire publicity knowledge explanation.Through the distribution of fire brochures and small gifts to the area to explain some commonly used fire knowledge.Remind them to pay attention to the use of fire and electricity during the holiday to ensure fire safety during qingming Festival.Cooperate with grass-roots management organization to carry out fire safety knowledge training.In order to ensure that the publicity method is in place, in view of the actual situation of relatively weak fire prevention and control in rural areas, Qinglong Fire Prevention and control united with grid members, police assistants, township police stations and other basic management organizations to conduct fire safety knowledge training for villagers in the area of household, cluster and other ways.The villagers are reminded not to use open fires, smoke cigarettes and burn incense candles during the Qingming Festival.Prompt the villagers to use civilized fire, civilized sacrifice.Relying on takeout and express delivery industry, to help promote fire safety.In order to make fire publicity closer to residents’ lives, Qinglong fire fighting for takeout and express industry support, on the packaging of the stickers printed with fire safety tips.After taking takeout and express delivery, the local people will be able to learn fire safety knowledge without going out of their homes, and further broaden the scope of influence of fire propaganda.Use science and technology platform publicity, actively create a publicity atmosphere.To build strong fire control propaganda and atmosphere, clear lung fire control propaganda and personnel to make full use of the vehicle, broadcast unit, LED display, send fire safety tips information such as form, in order to easy to understand the content and sweet hint way remind the masses, pay attention to fire safety during the qingming festival, further deepen the consciousness of fire.Guizhou Daily sky eye news reporter Li Yunfeng editor Peng Zhili editor Chen Zuyu