Macro light wood production at full capacity

2022-05-18 0 By

Yesterday, the author came to be located in xiakou town of the macro light wood industry Limited company, workers are nervous and orderly processing plate, a batch of research and development by the company’s “fist” product — fire door cover, is preparing to load.Hongguang wood industry company is our city to a Chinese fir finger plate, door cover, line processing and sales of enterprises, founded in 1998, from a small processing plant step by step to become one of jiangshan wooden door leading enterprises.In the company’s old factory area, layer upon layer of cedar and plate orderly stacked, the vast majority of which is imported wood.”Because of the shortage of domestic wood, it is imported from Indonesia, which imports more than 10,000 cubic meters a year.”Hongguang wood company chairman Ceng Shanguang said, “originally we mainly sell plank, now to do door cover, lines, through industrial upgrading, improve the added value of products, to meet the growing needs of users.”It is understood that the macro light wood industry company more than 10 years ago in Indonesia set up a wood processing plant, directly shipped to the domestic rough processing of wood, effectively cope with the adverse factors such as the rise of domestic raw materials, to achieve progress in stability;Strengthen internal management and product quality assurance, strengthen cooperation with well-known domestic enterprises such as Opai Company, constantly expand overseas markets, and lay a foundation for the development of the enterprise.At the same time, the municipal Business Office, the Municipal Forestry Bureau and other departments and units take the initiative to take the lead in providing services. Through the three-level linkage of community leaders, grid leaders and liaison officers, they strive to solve problems such as recruitment difficulties and aging of talent team for enterprises and provide guarantee for them to grow bigger and stronger.In 2021, Hongguang wood production of more than 300,000 sets of doors, annual output value of more than 40 million yuan.”We are confident to make the enterprise bigger and stronger. We plan to double the annual output of door covers and lines in 3-5 years, and strive to break the annual output value of 100 million yuan.”Zeng shanguang is full of expectations for future development.With one hand, epidemic prevention and with the other hand, development. We are in action.