Spring Festival walk! This “vegetable garden” Spring Festival dishes no problem!

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Walking into the greenhouse of Jinghai District Yifengyuan Grain Planting Professional Cooperative, the green vegetables are dazzling. Dai Zunlei, the farmer, and the workers are taking care of these “treasures”.Dai Zunlei contracted 18 greenhouses in the cooperative, planting nearly 10 kinds of pollution-free vegetables such as lettuce, lettuce, celery, cabbage and tomatoes.After careful management, these vegetables grow well and are ready for harvest.”During the Spring Festival, I can guarantee to produce more than 1,500 kilograms of vegetables every day, which will be sold to Tianjin Haijixing Agricultural Products Logistics Park to meet market demand.”Dai Zunlei said.These days, in view of the impact of temperature drop and insufficient light on vegetable growth, cooperatives actively take measures to deal with it by covering two layers of film, replacing new quilts, and applying light filling lamps to ensure the normal growth of vegetables.At the same time, the temperature and light intensity in the greenhouse were monitored regularly every day to closely check the growth of vegetables.Not only to grow good vegetables, but also to let the people eat at ease.Cooperatives strictly in accordance with the “pollution-free vegetable production technical regulations” “Principles of drug use” and other standards, on each greenhouse of all kinds of vegetables pesticide residue sampling detection, good agricultural product quality and safety, to prevent excessive pesticide vegetables into the market.”Pesticide residue test standards have been recorded in the database,” said Tan Fengqing, an analyst at Jinghai Yifeng Yuan Grain Planting Professional Cooperative. “We compare the test results of samples with relevant data, and if they are within the set value range, they are considered acceptable and can be eaten.”While implementing epidemic prevention and control measures, cooperatives are working at full speed to strengthen production guidance and coordinate production and marketing to ensure balanced supply of vegetables and stable prices in the Spring Festival market.At present, all kinds of vegetables supplied by the cooperative are mainly sold to large wholesale markets in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region through online and offline sales channels.”During the epidemic, we rebuilt more than 80 cold sheds to ensure production and production, and it is expected that fast food planting can begin in early February.During the Spring Festival, we are able to meet people’s needs at the dinner table and ‘bite the nail’.”Jinghai district easy fengyuan grain planting professional cooperative manager Fu Lin said.Source: Jing Hai Rong Media END