To join the fray, Jaguar will develop a dedicated BEV platform called Panthera

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Thierry Bollore, JLR’s chief executive, told investors that jaguar had decided to develop its own electric platform as part of its plan to become an all-electric brand by 2025.Despite the new model, i-Pace will continue to be built.Chief Financial Officer Adrian Mardell added that the new platform will be called Panthera.Jaguar has yet to decide whether to develop its own platform or rely on third-party electric vehicle platforms.The reason is that a team led by JLR design director Gerry McGovern has been working on the design for the upcoming vehicle for several months.In order to stand out in the market, these are designed independently, which may not be possible on third-party platforms.”With the new Jaguar, we made unique proportions a priority.That’s why we’re doing it ourselves now, “Bollore said.According to JLR’s CEO, the new model should be “a truly modern luxury car, with no replicas in style or design, top-of-the-line technology and refinement, but without looking back”.At Jaguar, he said, they wanted to create “different cars without overlap.”For Jaguar, the design they are targeting may be the reason for the separate platform, and for Land Rover, this is a necessary off-road capability that other manufacturers’ platforms may not be able to provide.Bollore noted that for electric Land Rovers, the MLA-HIGH platform, on which the current Range Rover is already based, and the EMA platform (electrified modular architecture) for small Land Rovers are being pushed.One of the unanswered questions about the launch of the Panthera platform is whether the long-announced Jaguar XJ will launch.It was supposed to be based on THE MLA-Low platform, but its launch was repeatedly delayed.Whether Jaguar is capable of running another platform with Panthera is unclear.Especially since the MLA is a hybrid platform, it can accommodate internal combustion engines and PHEVs in addition to electric drives, which in turn limits the degree of freedom in design proportions.The I-Pace, currently Jaguar’s only electric model, is expected to last longer than Jaguar’s electric makeover, but will be considered separately from the new range of electric vehicles.At the same time, Jaguar launched a new model year for the I-Pace, which will start with the I-Pace 400 S, starting at €76,815, and is now available for order.In the new 2023 model year, Amazon’s Alexa will be integrated into vehicles as a voice assistant, among other things, and existing vehicles will get Alexa via OTA updates.I-pace’s electric drive will not change in 2023.To join the fray, Jaguar will develop a dedicated BEV platform called Panthera that first appeared on AutoNode.