0 and 1 to 3 to 1.Two goals in two minutes!Liverpool came from behind to claim their fifth successive win in the Premier League

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The 2021-22 Premier League season kicks off at Anfield on February 19 at 23:00 GMT, with Liverpool taking on Norwich.Mane and Salah each scored in the space of two minutes as Liverpool came back from 1-0 down to beat Norwich 3-1 after Luis Dias scored his debut goal in the closing stages.Early on, away from the game Norwich made the first threat.In the third minute, Lahitsa ran into the penalty area after receiving a diagonal pass from a teammate, but the goal was disallowed as slow motion showed that Lahitsa was offside first.In the fifth minute, Salah’s cross from the right of the area was met by Tsimikas, who shot over the crossbar.In the 14th minute, Van Dyke’s header from a cross in the area was saved by Norwich keeper Gunn.The first 15 minutes, Puji in the penalty area received a direct small Angle shot slightly deflected.In the 17th minute, Dias shot slightly higher from the box.In the 20th minute, salah’s header from a Liverpool corner was cleared by the Norwich defender on the line.The 38 th minute, van Dijk finished in front of the goal, but its offside in the first.In the 43rd minute, Salah took the ball in front of the right side of the ball after a continuous break from the box shot wide.The first half of the game, the two sides 0-0 each white volume.Norwich took a 1-0 lead in the 48th minute when Sargent sent the ball to Lahitsa, who shot from the top of the box off matip’s foot.In the 64th minute, Tsimikas headed a cross in the penalty area and Manet scored with an overhead kick to give Liverpool 1-1 Norwich.Liverpool beat Norwich 2-1 in the 67th minute when goalkeeper Arison lofted the ball forward and found Salah, who dribbled the ball from the top of the penalty area to score low.It was salah’s 150th goal in his Liverpool career.In the 72nd minute, Salah dribbled the ball from the right side of the penalty area, skirted the Angle and shot wide.In the 80th minute, Henderson sent a through ball into the box for Luis dias to score his first goal and put Liverpool 3-1 ahead at Norwich.Later in the game time, neither side will rewrite the score, Liverpool finally beat Norwich 3-1 at home.The victory gave Liverpool their fifth successive win in the Premier League.Liverpool remain second in the Premiership table with 57 points with 17 wins, six draws and two losses.