After breaking the ice with S’s mother, Gu Jun-yeop’s NFT works were sold out in seven seconds, and his love and career were both fruitful

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In the presence of her daughters and sons-in-law, S’s mother and Gu Junye sit down to eat together, and Gu junye is finally accepted by her mother-in-law and integrated into the big family.Later, Gu Junye couldn’t help showing off her NFT project, which sold out in 7 seconds without any publicity.Ju junye also explained that the reason for not doing publicity was to fear that netizens would misunderstand the matter and mix it up with Big S’s love affair.At present, Gu Jun-yeop seems to be in control of everything.So what does his work look like?In fact, back in February, he exhibited a red, yellow and blue tiger head pattern and a black, white and yellow pattern in Seoul Gallery.Later, the two works were bought by people at a high price. In the interview, Gu Junye repeatedly expressed her gratitude to the collector, and gu Junye also expressed the idea of holding a personal exhibition.Unexpectedly, before the exhibition, Gu Junye secretly began to enter the NFT project, and also sold.Suddenly I remembered a joke, obviously I was talking with the sheep boy every day, what also do not do, but after half a year the sheep boy sold the fat sheep became a rich man, and I still poor.Is it not gu Junye and me who eat melon?When I saw Gu Jun-yeop walking thousands of miles for love, all she talked about was her love that had lasted for 20 years. She was either a mother-in-law or a sister-in-law, and she was either eating or having fun.Is this another hype with the help of love, but people said clearly not, we can not see it.It seems that this is the master, they say that when the outsiders are confused, the onlookers see most of the game. Now it seems that we are confused by the onlookers.It is clear that Gu jun-yeop is trying to flatter himself by showing off his success in love and career.But the more gold he puts on his face, the more wang’s heart sinks.Plus a host of sister-in-law, regardless of the occasion to run the train, really enough wang Xiaofei drink a pot.In front of media reporters, S said that Ju Junye was her favorite Oba in her mind, and the first time she saw Ju Junye, she wanted to touch him.At this time the reporter open big eyes, he is brother-in-law ah!Who knows small S does not mind, that has what, is because of brother-in-law just so!That’s an amazing thing to say.When Gu was isolated at home, his loyal fans brought him food in case he was hungry.However, S also admitted that Ju Junye is really old and does not pay attention to the current fashion, she asked Ju Junye several current stars, Ju Junye actually did not know.It seems that Gu jun-yeop is a good man as long as he keeps up with the fashion of making money.Facing such a sister-in-law, Wang Xiaofei is speechless, can only shut up.Zhang LAN, however, was frank and outspoken. She was frank and outspoken. It seems that women are still needed to deal with women.So far, Gu junye’s trip to Taiwan is half a success. Why?His ultimate goal is to return to Korea with Hsu.But Mom S has already made her statement. No way. This may be her bottom line.As he has just reconciled with his old and new son-in-law, Gu jun-yeop is unlikely to be too aggressive.However, according to his current plan, it is still possible to settle the mother-in-law, now S mother compromise to prove.It seems that now let S follow him back to South Korea, the biggest obstacle or big S, as long as she promised, no one can stop.But this needs time, if really lets big S leave S mother and a pair of children, really needs to make a big decision.If she leaves behind her children and mother and goes to Live in Korea with Gu Jun-yeop, her social status will be much lower.After all, in most people’s eyes, love again selfish, also can not leave filial piety and maternal love.