King of Glory: Ban rate is the 4th, but won 3 points in a row, does CAI Wenji need such adjustment

2022-05-19 0 By

King of Glory in the latest experience clothing update, CAI Wenji suddenly obtained 3 strengthened.In fact, I can’t understand this adjustment, after all, CAI Wenji’s win rate in all segments is actually above the level line (currently 50.17%), so a hero with a win rate of more than half needs to be strengthened in 3 areas at a time?Let’s think about this for a moment.01 CAI Wenji this adjustment according to the usual practice, let’s have a good look at the specific adjustment of CAI Wenji this time.CAI wenji’s win rate is 15.4% and her win rate is 50.17%, both of which are relatively average. However, CAI Wenji’s ban rate is 57.65%, ranking fourth among all heroes, with gold Emperor Tai1, Shield Mountain and Yao a little lower.It is because of CAI Wenji that she has a win rate of over half, and her ban rate is the fourth, so I really don’t think CAI Wenji is weak as a hero.(2) Let’s take a look at what CAI has adjusted this time: 1 skill (improved) : the AP bonus of 1 skill regen increased from 20% to 25%.3 skills: Health regeneration increased from 60%ap to 70% AP.Triple Skill (Enhancement) : Increased double Resistance from 25%ap to 35% AP.The first skill and the third skill are both CAI Wenji’s retools. now they have been improved and look very good.After knowing the current basic situation of CAI Wenji and the specific adjustment of this time, let’s discuss the hero of CAI Wenji again.The improvement of the shortcomings of the CAI wenji any heroes are flawed, CAI wenji is not exceptional also, I think she mainly has the following disadvantages: first, CAI wenji is higher, to the requirement of spell damage and spell damage is certainly need to support the economy, so CAI wenji play prefer to a secondary nucleus, her basic play no role in the wind.Second, because CAI Wenji has a high demand for spell attack power, she is not allowed to wear a defensive suit. If she is in the back of the group, she cannot occupy the view of her teammates and resist damage.Third, CAI Wenji is particularly weak in the face of a single person, this played friends know.(2) CAI Wenji’s advantages Although she has a lot of shortcomings, but the flaws do not overshadow, her advantages are also many: first, the development of normal CAI Wenji milk is full, as long as there is her next to imagine there is a mobile spring.Second, CAI wenji’s skill control is also very good in regiment battles, and she can take her opponents by surprise in many cases.Third, CAI wenji’s big move not only has health recovery, but also has a very high double resistance bonus, which makes her insurance ability very strong.(3) Does CAI Wenji need this adjustment? Let’s look at her strengths and weaknesses. Does she need this adjustment?In front of that, any hero he has their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on how we use, in what kind of situation to use.For example, given CAI Wenji’s presence, we could have chosen a tank hero like Lian Po or Bai Qi to play on the wing, so that we could have a hero with vision, control and damage resistance.In addition, in experience before update, the plan has been adjusted auxiliary installed, I will be the better place for CAI wenji to pick out and everyone share once: guerrilla passive shorter time, from 12 minutes to 10 minutes, so after adjustment, CAI wenji would sooner for development opportunity, can let your core equipment earlier in place.The change of passive gold coins from 4 gold coins every 3 seconds to 5 gold coins every 3 seconds has accelerated Chae’s growth.In addition, CAI wenji gained a third way to speed up her development after the duration of grace passivity increased from 12 minutes to 15 minutes.In addition to these ways to speed up tsai’s development, there is one more piece of good news for her: the attacking armor will gain 400 more health than before.Yes, in fact, the adjustment of auxiliary loaded before each is very friendly to CAI wenji, basic each can greatly enhance the strength of the CAI wenji, combining CAI wenji before winning percentage, games, and ban rate, I think that simple 3 enhancement is not reasonable, of course, if you plan to sell the skin just when I didn’t say).If we have to adjust, I think we can adjust the AP bonus of CAI Wenji’s great move to be linked to health, and maybe CAI Wenji’s future will be more brilliant.Above, I am Jinghai Jun, please remember to click your attention oh, thank you.