【 ground review line 】 unremitting self-improvement, let the dream in spring beautiful bloom

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The Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games came to a successful conclusion on March 13.China has fulfilled its promise of “two Olympics, equally wonderful”.After nine days of hard work, The Chinese delegation won a total of 61 MEDALS, 18 gold, 20 silver and 23 bronze, topping both the gold and medal table for the first time in the history of the Winter Paralympic Games.Behind the results is beyond self, hard work, adhere to the results of perseverance, athletes with a spirit of self-improvement, played a tough, optimistic and enterprising song of life.Fly your dreams beyond yourself.Ice and snow sports are extremely challenging. For athletes with disabilities, stepping on the field itself is a hard-won, and it is a kind of self-challenge and self-transcendence.Zhang Mengqiu, an alpine skier who has won five MEDALS, also had fear and hesitation, but she overcame difficulties and surpassed herself, and interpreted the powerful power of surpassing herself with practical actions.Ji Lijia, a snowboarder who won one gold and one silver medal, was afraid of the slopes on the piste when he first trained, but he finally felt a sense of achievement after overcoming one obstacle after another.Wu Zhongwei, who won the gold medal in men’s slopestyle slalom LL1, had been disabled by an accident. In the face of setbacks, he persevered in training every day and finally realized his dream.Chinese wheelchair curling athlete Chen Jianxin, who was disabled in an accident, was once in a slump, but he overcame the difficulties and achieved self-transcendence.Yan Zhuo, a Chinese wheelchair curling athlete, often suffers from frostbite because she can’t feel her legs, but she believes that “every difficult day is a process of growing up. The sunny days and rainbows come through.”In the face of pressure and challenges, each of us should have the courage to face the difficulties, the courage to overcome and surpass themselves, to make life brilliant.Pursue your dreams through hard work.Youth is used to struggle, struggle of youth is the most beautiful.”Life can have a few back, fighting is worth it, without a cold biting, how fragrant plum blossom?”For disabled athletes, hard work is as much about life as it is about competition.Snowboarder Sun Qi won gold in the LL2 category of the Paralympic snowboard slalom after failing to reach the podium in the slalom.As long as you stick to your dreams and work hard, you will gain something.Wang Chenyang, a 20-year-old cross-country skier, stood on the highest podium for the first time, but behind it was his hard training. In the face of the unsatisfactory results of the competition, he did not give in and trained harder.Chinese alpine skier Li Xiang, who enjoys galloping on the slopes and gets a sense of accomplishment from sports, said, “I love skiing.I hope I will be even stronger next time we meet.”Whether it is in the game, or on the road of life, we should have the courage to struggle, the more difficult, the more we should come up with fearless courage and courage, positive enterprising, let the youth bloom.In the adhere to the achievement of the dream.A minute of cultivation, a minute of persistence, a minute of harvest, every drop of sweat, will eventually converge into indomitable waves, carrying the dream of sailing.In the pursuit of dreams, there is never a smooth sailing, not overnight.In the face of setbacks and difficulties, in the face of failure and depression, we should not only adjust our attitude, but also stick to it, aim at the target, unswervingly, and do not slack off.Yu Jing, a 38-year-old ice hockey player, is not only the first Chinese female athlete but also the third female athlete in the world to compete in the Winter Paralympic Games. She has practiced wheelchair basketball, wheelchair fencing and other sports before.Yanhong Geng, 17, who won a silver medal in the LL2 women’s slopestyle slalom, struggled with obstacles on the snow during her training but persevered to reach the podium.The Chinese delegation’s first single annual winter paralympic games “treble” hong-qiong Yang, 32, was once a wheelchair basketball team athletes in yunnan province, started to practice as not too orientation, at one time is one of the fall most players on the team, but she was willing to endure hardship, “no matter what difficulties, don’t give up easily”, and finally achieve the life dream.