After 23 o ‘clock for a long time to sleep, the body may be affected by the four damage, it is difficult to fill back

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Everyone should have the feeling, now life rhythm faster and faster, work at ordinary times life is very busy, only night there will be relatively free time, overtime, parties, playing mobile phone, if you will be late, and sleep time are basically after 23 o ‘clock now, basically all need to work the next day, this leads to a lot of people sleep time is not enough.For the human body, it is best to ensure about eight hours of sleep a day.If you go to sleep after 23 o ‘clock for a long time, then the body may occur these four hazards, the harm will be more and more obvious, when the time comes to fill all the repair can not come back.1, the skin becomes poor human organs are basically repair after the human body to sleep at night, if the evening rest bad, human organs can not get enough rest, will affect the normal human metabolism, leading to facial skin become greasy, pore bulky, acne, wrinkles, and so on, is the whole people look pale and white,Looks lackluster.In the eyes of other people is a look that does not wake up, will seriously affect the normal work and life of the human body.2, sudden death “stay up late is equivalent to chronic suicide”, I believe that this sentence we have heard, in fact, this sentence is reasonable, often stay up late, there is indeed a risk of sudden death.In particular, sleep time is very short basically only two or three hours of people, the probability of sudden death is greater, after all, the brain for a long time without rest, will make the brain nerve become very fragile, easy to cause sudden cardiac arrest;So for the sake of your life, get enough sleep.3, stroke stay up late is particularly easy to cause atherosclerosis, because late night will lead to the human blood pressure slowly increase, so that the contraction of blood vessels and immune ability will be weakened, so it is easy to cause atherosclerosis;Some diseases related to blood vessels, especially cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are more likely to cause;For some elderly people, often stay up late is very prone to sudden myocardial infarction, resulting in stroke or hemiplegia, very dangerous;So try to minimize late nights and get up early.4, increased risk of cancer in human organs to repair in the evening, if after 23 o ‘clock at night to sleep for a long time, lead to lack of sleep, can affect human body normal operation, makes the body’s immune system decline, immunity of human body, is a natural barrier against cancer, immune system will increase the probability of cancer;For example, women stay up late for a long time, physiological period is easy to disorder, children often stay up late easy to grow not high, liver is not good people often stay up late, will aggravate the disease, slowly will deteriorate.Stay up late now seems to have become a habit of young people, want to adjust your routine, you may need to for a long time, and also need to insist, organ recovery is also need time, after all, in the meantime, more exercise, strengthen the body resistance, supplement nutrition, to myself as far as possible to reduce body damage.Often sleep after 23 points, long-term lack of sleep, can make your skin becomes poor, and stroke, and sudden death, the risk of cancer is very high, so want to have a healthy body, still need to early to bed and early to rise, form a good routine to ensure that the sleep of the body, otherwise, the above four harm, even if their efforts to make up for, it is hard to repair back.