How can parents enter the heart of their children and establish a relationship of growth and co-nurture with their children?

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Hello, Miss Qian Li!I just finished the beginner’s class. I don’t limit my kids anymore. I do everything they want.The child gradually relaxed from the previous depression.I used to be embarrassed to ask for what I wanted, but now it has become natural and self-righteous.And we’ll do our best to satisfy him.But the child is always reluctant to read, not only do not read school books, even do not read books.I’m a little confused. When is he going to think about growing up?Will he lose the motivation to go out and face the pressures of school?First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your improved relationship with your child through learning and growth.As we’ve said over and over again in our series, relationships come before education.Therefore, it is an important first step to focus on the relationship with your children.Many families into gestalt, because there are tired of school dropout children.But if you’ve just finished an elementary class, it’s too early to reach out and help.In the elementary class, we talked about nine steps to help children out of school weariness dropout, stop the ineffective mode is the first step, so that parents do not become children’s interference, do not become a problem.But there is a lot to go.Parents begin to grow themselves, the inner state becomes inclusive.Not only are you there to give them what they want, but you are able to get into their heart and form a nurturing relationship with them.After you worry about giving your child unlimited satisfaction, he is unwilling to face school.So what I’m saying is, if a child is truly unconditionally satisfied, and his inner growth is strong and not lacking, and his inner spiritual world is full and vigorous, how can he not look up and see the way?If he is still lost, there is only one reason — he has not been healed.When will a soldier retreat to the rear when he is fighting at the front?He must have been wounded and needed healing and recuperation.It is the same with children. To drop out of school is to retire from the front line and recuperate.Some parents, instead of giving their child a chance to heal, are constantly reasoning and urging him to go back to school, which is bound to be ineffective.And one of the things that this trainee has done really well is that you’ve stopped pushing.But I especially want to ask, have you really accepted it?If you do, why worry about the future?This shows that your growth is not enough, and you still have the goal of changing your child quickly.So kids are playing games at home, in their own little world, and the state is constricted.You must shine on him with your love, like the sun.When the child feels your love and warmth, it will begin to open slowly.If it hasn’t, there’s only one reason: the sun hasn’t been warm enough.When he feels safe, he starts to observe himself, he starts to express himself, he starts to explore.At this time, parents listen to the child’s expression, listen to his plan for the future.What you can do now is to continue to be the sun in your home, to warm and nourish your child.As for your worries, they all come from your worries, fears and anxieties about the future.A lot of times it’s just imagination.