How many characters will join us in the game?Do you remember

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If everything is normal, when playing through the customs, our characters are still more, can reach 10, but there are two in the absence of a guide or more difficult to accept, I don’t know when we played missed it.Yin Jianping, the protagonist, is never absent from the beginning to the end of the game.But the character is a little disagreeable, in the face of feelings too wood, so that the players are anxious.The weapon is sword, the big sword box on the back feels a little inconsistent, the key is what is this sword box used for?Have some spare swords for your abilities?Female feng Cold moon, will join after the prologue, but will leave the team at the beginning of the game in Act 25 – Fate, and in Act 27 – Gu Moon as the boss, after act 27 return to the team.The end of the game is the last to see whether the death of fenghanyue, if there is no perfect ending in front of the conditions, then in the thirtieth act – no magic moments this close, the final fenghanyue and sword evil will die together, and the game to this close even if the end, the rest is just the tragic outcome.To achieve a perfect ending, after sealing Chiyou, seal the cold moon and Yin Jianping finally went together.Cold moon weapon as a dagger, but that’s not important, the important thing is that she has long legs.Shangguan yuan joins the team in act 3 – The Swordsman, then leaves the team in Act 13 – the truth, missing acts 14 and 15, and returns to the team in Act 16 – the war.The use of weapons for the gun, the shape of the more like Lu Bu, if the crown and then insert two feathers, gun halberd, and there is no difference with Lu Bu.Xian Yuchao, a blood eater, is introduced in act 6. At first, when I see Him, I think he is the boss of one side of the game. A big sword inserted into a stone can be pulled up at will, which is really quite fierce.The weapon is the epee sword, and some players say that when Xian joined the game, it became easier.And fresh in the super because of the relationship of surname, by the player homophonic for salty fish super!Purple maple, can be understood as no. 2 heroine, in the seventh act – Yougu Hanqin joined the team, the role of the brain, feel she does not understand, when playing to the end, know the identity of the purple maple, just suddenly realized, the original is the queen mother around the maid.The weapon is damask, more is add blood.Review this game, suddenly feel xianjian 4 liumengli and purple maple very similar.Zhenyin, a buddhist monk from the island country, joins in the third round of Act 9. If he doesn’t identify himself, he is more likely to be regarded as a monk who comes down from the mountain to subdue evil spirits.The name Zhenyin is more often called Zhenyin, although the pronunciation is different, but players don’t care that much when giving nicknames to characters in the game.Han Cheon-soo, who will join us after Act xii – The Secret Passageway, joins us after being deceived first as an enemy and after being defeated in pursuit of the truth.The weapon is a double sickle, which can be considered a boomerang.Is a very important character in the game, many levels are more dependent on her long-range attacks, and the critical hit rate is very high.Yan Mingrong, did not join before, she appeared every time is being hunted down, in order to avenge the teacher, in the fourteenth act – firefly joined us, itself should be an innocent girl, use weapons and feng Cold moon.Xiahou Yi, the villain at the beginning, he will be more trouble to join, if the player plays this game for the first time, in the absence of a guide, it is easy to miss Xiahou Yi.You need to defeat Xiahou Yi in 25 rounds in Act 10 – Hangtian Ancient Path. Then you need to defeat Xiahou Yi in 20 rounds in Act 15 – Bones, and then you need to defeat Ghoul In 4 rounds in order to receive Xiahou Yi. Otherwise, Xiahou Yi will die.His weapon is an iron claw.Xiahou Yi is the protagonist of the later works.The last one, Bujingsanren, joined the team in act 28 – Tianyan Shenhuang. In fact, he didn’t help us very much and was dispensable on the field. Since he joined the team too late, there were only 3-6 levels left before finishing the game, so he was more of a mascot on the field.Use the weapon for the wine jug.Adding conditions is very troublesome, it is more for the perfect ending.Today, I will simply review our characters in the legend of God and Demon, and see if you still remember these characters after many years!If you want to review the legend of god and Demon, you can private xiaobian: Heaven and Earth