Jiangsu is an unremarkable small county, but known as the “crystal capital of the world”, the future potential is huge

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Speaking of jiangsu, everyone not unfamiliar, surely it is not only a famous tourism provinces in our country, is also a province’s second largest economy in our country, in 2020, with 1.027 billion yuan high levels of success attracts peoples attention, so many friends said: even if it’s just a small town in jiangsu, the economic level is quite high.Today xiaobian for you to introduce, is a small town in Jiangsu province, although not famous, but known as the “crystal capital of the world”, the future potential is huge, this small county, is “Guannan County”, many friends may be the first time to hear this name.Guannan County is under the jurisdiction of Lianyungang City. It is a small county with a population of only 610,000, but its economic output will reach 40.8 billion yuan by 2020. What is the reason?Can guannan county have such a high economic income?First of all, guannan industrial system is very rich, every year can be created within the territory of the income of more than 200 one hundred million yuan, at the same time, the agriculture as the foundation is quite perfect, also can to contribute ten billion yuan a year’s income, and guannan county but crystal in the province of well-known producers, as everybody knows, materials needed to build a chip, is crystal, so the guannan county had the crystal,You have a future., of course, if you want to do a city rich for a long time, the need to diversify the management idea, guannan knows that, in today’s tourism booming, guannan county has been the perfect its own tourism resources, the territory has built three natural scenic area, west park, er lang shen cultural relics park, wulongkou area Pisces island ecological tourist area.Although now Guannan County is not well-known, but xiaobian believes that with the development of time, Guannan County can also become like Kunshan, from the county to the county level city, so that more people know its name.Audience, do you have any other views on Guannan County?Welcome to reply in the comment area!Shandong province has added a new large scenic spot with beautiful scenery as beautiful as Huangshan, which is expected to be listed in the 5A scenic spot in the future